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ismaithliom56 62H  
394 messages
4/3/2018 16h05

I may be a bit too old for you, but I can still think you are lovely

wantaplay8 65H
4513 messages
4/3/2018 16h19

6 orgasms!!! Wheew!
Quiet weekend and then Boom! having to deal with a computer fouling up...Left the machine in a virus scan mode Saturday night and woke up to a frozen computer. All is good with the machine now.
Glad to hear a good sleep and sex tension release has made you feel better.
Like you some rest and relaxation works well for me too.
Have a wonderful work week in that warm sunshine country!
Gonna be a bit wet and almost snowy here for the first few days of this week in my neck of the country.

benard69 63H/63F  
3634 messages
4/3/2018 16h31

We love the way you Recharge...Go get em kiddo and safe travels...

BigSmilesnMore 62H
672 messages
4/3/2018 16h42

Every lady deserves 6 orgasms --- OFTEN -- that certainly is a fantastic way to feel better and perk up !!

hrdallnght4u 62H  
4349 messages
4/3/2018 16h55

Very Sexy body....

You can't expect to be Old & Wise..If You were never Young & Crazy!!!

SeaGirlFL 54F  
5003 messages
4/3/2018 16h56

sleeping in a little. I've still got visitors in town, so won't get real rest until next week. We had a quiet day today. Tomorrow will be a long work day.

Safe travels, dear. Enjoy the warm weather!!

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax." – Mark Black

ToBeofUse 60H  
1621 messages
4/3/2018 17h03

If you will be anywhere near St Pete FL, please drop me a note. The weather up your way has been hell this weekend.

gardenboy321 55H  
39417 messages
4/3/2018 17h06

Six of them?

Starting working on another mural at my workplace.

Thoughts from the Garden...

redhotfun4you2 55F  
1341 messages
4/3/2018 17h24

This weekend I played around with my camera and went over a couple of course lessons. I also watched a few movies. That is how I recharge my batteries, do something completely different from what is causing the burnout.

FBazbo 59H
4500 messages
4/3/2018 17h48

Lost power due to the storm around noon on Friday. It came back early Saturday morning, but for some reason the internet never came back on line. Finally got a technician out here {after being on hold for 3 hours with the home office. Thank god for cell phones!} to check the box and it turns out the power supply was old and crapped out, so he installed a new one and now everything is peachy keen.

This one's off the market. Now I'm just here for the blogs.

calmdownbestill 50H
112 messages
4/3/2018 18h18

Rest and read to recharge
Amazing photo - which of the 6 was that?

azriel1970 48H  
22203 messages
4/3/2018 18h40

Hmmmmm yes that will do it lol. I did recharge some but now all..... I am glad you were able to.

Pleasureinc 54H  
363 messages
4/3/2018 19h08

I suppose the 6XO evening is a lot like rebooting a just cleans a lot of accumulated crap out of the system so one can rest and start fresh the next day!

luvexotic 57H  
3691 messages
4/3/2018 19h33

Only six. At least the puppy let you sleep in. Happy Travels

greenguy726 66H
94 messages
4/3/2018 19h50

I feel your pain! I spent 5 years doing 100K miles+ .... mostly just came home to do laundry. I was actually grateful for and would often met folks from the chat rooms on my travels. Got to admit.... I usually settled for a beer and a swim at night while on the road

boobwhisperer69 55H  
4764 messages
4/3/2018 20h06

Holy crap! That looks delicious!!

oldbstrd55 61H  
3062 messages
4/3/2018 20h09

First. I wish I could have helped get you to sleep. I managed to get on my roof to see what I needed to do to get the branch off and a gust of wind made me decide to look at it another day, no need to stand on a roof with a chainsaw with 40mph gusts. so basically did nothing today. Resting up for hell week starting tomorrow. Hope your week goes well.

MulleenofMelb 53H
2777 messages
4/3/2018 22h19

I pep the batteries with a dash of coffee.....constantly....

and try and work out how to have six orgasms....without breaking something off....

Thoughts in sensual pleasure to erotic writing writ.

Feel free to travel - click - to my blog: An exploration introduction

cr3ampi3luv 29H
13 messages
5/3/2018 12h44

beautiful pic, and glad to hear you are sorting your days out.

proteus_2a 52H
6262 messages
5/3/2018 12h48

Glad you balanced it my lady ...
The photos remain delectable as always !

Cheers - P

XHamburgDave 75H  
5161 messages
5/3/2018 2h40

Good Morning J

That is an awesome pic, so glad you managed to recharge your batteries
Six Orgasms Kudos, one usually puts me to sleep when I am alone LoL

Have a great week, safe travels

1st_downonu 62H
180 messages
5/3/2018 4h08

6? You're amazing! Luv it. Is that pic of you also?

1tongue4yall 59H
2034 messages
5/3/2018 4h21

it was a long weekend for me. I did a lot of things around camp here to get ready for my extended leave. I won't be back until late April/early May. there is so much snow here still and I needed to punch drain areas in the snow banks so when the snow does melt it has someplace to go but on the drive. I was looking at one pile of snow, it is 7 or 8 feet tall and about 20 feet deep.
I had a lot to do on my motorcycle to get it ready for the ride. I finally got going on it yesterday(sunday). but it did have to wait for me to unwind. I do love to unwind with a long session of very good sex, I just wish it could be with someone other than me. but it was incredible and I did finally get to working on the bike about 1 in the afternoon. but I was so relaxed and rejuvenated and had a big smile on my face and I did get everything done I wanted. so a new tire on Wednesday and everything will be ready to go. about another week or so weather allowing and I am off to see the country, coast to coast.

pal334 64H  
35655 messages
5/3/2018 5h09

What a great sleep aid. Just viewing the picture does not urge me to sleep

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I_willoralu 44H
1099 messages
5/3/2018 7h28

Wouldn't have minded helping you with those 6 orgasms. Ever make it down to Florida for your travels

baas142 94H
2568 messages
5/3/2018 8h16


citizen4722 60H  
58408 messages
5/3/2018 12h41

Phew! Just look at you
I've had a quiet weekend as the weather's been shite. I caught up on housework! (don't laugh)

sexysixties2 70F  
37646 messages
5/3/2018 12h47

LOL I'm beginning to wonder if I have any batteries left to recharge.... a soak in the bath.....a good movie....a catch up with friends are all good for me.

"Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age."
~~~ Anais Nin ~~~

Leegs2012 45H
33898 messages
5/3/2018 15h18

You are too Sexy!! Hey, see the shit weather coming our way this week...I can't take this anymore!!

cyclingfool 56H  
6241 messages
5/3/2018 17h05

Hmmmm a little, or a lot of self love is always refreshing...
Safe travels, enjoy the warmer weather..Hope you took some toys with you..

templar_s 48H
3810 messages
6/3/2018 19h58

I have orgasm envy! My weekend was fairly good. I went to see my son throw ShotPut and Discus, then we went to a local museum afterward. A little bit of yard work on Sunday, the Oscars, and that was pretty much my weekend.

sinfullychocolat 53H
2824 messages
7/3/2018 9h07

Glad you got some much needed, "rest and release". My weekend was a busy one, but I maganed.

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veryfunnycple64 54H/55F  
21778 messages
10/3/2018 3h21

yes...sometimes a nice masturbation session is the right prescription!

“Life is available only in the present moment.” Thich Nhat Hanh

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nathanjnd1 32H
29 messages
11/3/2018 13h43


naiveone36 49H  
57 messages
13/3/2018 6h37

Maybe recharge with a nice long sensuous massage including release as. Squirting.

Smileforme8ll 49H
7 messages
13/3/2018 7h30

Very expressive. I like your style!

lok4fun500 108H  
41665 messages
13/3/2018 20h40

My batteries are getting charged just looking at your photo!

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oralyyours702 58H
128 messages
14/3/2018 17h05

you are absolutely gorgeous, being around you would definitely put a strain on the sleeping issue...along with other things

DJG34 35H
26 messages
14/3/2018 21h30

very beautiful

CTMusicMan 55H
41 messages
16/3/2018 13h12

Gosh... I's love to suck your perfect nipples!!

Zrltxd23 31H
1 message
17/3/2018 11h36

Exactly the same way!!!

all4phunthistim 41H
16 messages
21/3/2018 18h59

Safe travels sexy! I'd love to get away myself.

sgtkicker1 39H
36 messages
22/3/2018 23h31

orgasms always seem to make things better

OlBlueEyz46 51H
407 messages
25/3/2018 10h10

6! You must have melted your toy!

Gorgeous breasts and nipples!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

hmmm speaking of orgasms...something has come up- need to go xo

SeaHungOne 37H
23 messages
26/3/2018 12h58

6 orgasms is well deserved and needed. Life is tough, we all could use some orgasms and a solid rest!

JimmyB7474 53H
2176 messages
27/3/2018 10h18

I remember my first threesome back in college and remind myself that there was a LOT of sex before Viagra and still more after. lol Best masturbation memory yet. Beats the hell out of porn but still cums in second to a face to face encounter (ie: hookup) Jimmy B. That recharges my batteries.

My blog JimmyB7474 is called Into The Woods (erotica) entertaining stories about a guy named Jimmy. Enjoy.

Play69bbw 28H
18 messages
28/3/2018 6h24

What a body

BostonPleasure79 39H
9 messages
29/3/2018 10h08

This sounds like a great way to recharge your batteries...

pocogato12 66F  
22826 messages
30/3/2018 13h03

I havent seen an orgasm in weeks- must have something to do with being off the grid

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28 messages
31/3/2018 4h47

Wow! I would gladly help a beautiful lady like you recharge your batteries, giving you as many orgasms as you want and be great full to do it.

2Pune2 32H/35F  
20 messages
31/3/2018 12h53


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