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Titulucasmiranda 43H
22 messages
18/4/2018 17h11

Que linda essa mulher gostosa

Titulucasmiranda 43H
22 messages
18/4/2018 17h12

Quero amigas com você

rm_armanipolo 59H
15 messages
18/4/2018 17h20

hope your

playfulmale2018 54H

18/4/2018 17h26

hope your ok, .....

notsure1949 69H
7335 messages
18/4/2018 17h36

nothing like a fork, but sometimes it is just a large piece of food

luvexotic 57H  
3691 messages
18/4/2018 18h01

Haven't swallowed a piece of plastic fork, but have swallowed a few flies unwillingly. And they don't taste good at all.

superbjversion2 63F  
12802 messages
18/4/2018 18h27

Well, now when the guys ask if you swallow ......

I don't think I've ever swallowed anything weird but I did sneeze hamburger out my nostrils once.

I put the Sex in Sexagenarian

ColonelXYZ 37H
12 messages
18/4/2018 19h00

Don’t worry! You’re body can deal with it no problem !

FBazbo 59H
4500 messages
18/4/2018 19h13

A line an attractive woman fed to me. Boy howdy did that result in some indigestion. I would've rather swallowed part of a fork.

Enjoy the weather! It got nippy up here again for a day or two.

This one's off the market. Now I'm just here for the blogs.

lok4fun500 108H  
41665 messages
18/4/2018 19h40

We have sunshine here but no 80 degrees!
Does that mean you were forked in the mouth? ...Did anyone do the hindlick maneuver?
I do hope you are OK....a plastic piece of fork can be a serious piece to pass!

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LakeRidgeBBWSeek 58H
2728 messages
18/4/2018 19h44

Actually, if you have any abdominable pain, run, dont walk to the ER. A fork peice has a sharp point on end and can easily cause a bowel perforation, something you DONT want. As to what I have swallowed, would be a mouthful plus of gasoline, while siphoning from my dads truck, with his permission, for gas for my fishing boat. It came up the hose faster than I planned, and I got a mouthful +, and swallowed alot of it. I was sick for days !

able202 68H
2757 messages
18/4/2018 20h46

wow I dont remember swallowing anything. Like to swallow your squirt.


gardenboy321 55H  
39417 messages
18/4/2018 21h07

Can't think of one at the moment, but it was probably a woman's pubic hair.

Thoughts from the Garden...

topherific 55H
4328 messages
18/4/2018 21h15

a bug at about 20mi into a 50mi workout(i was MUCH younger)

puked while pedaling and finished the workout

useme46383 67H
60 messages
18/4/2018 21h45

I swallowed a perch fish bone once by accident. It lodged in my throst and I had to go to the ER to get it removed.

SeaGirlFL 54F  
5003 messages
18/4/2018 22h11

Oh dear! I'd be freaked out, too!

Can't think of anything unusual...though, i am sure that i have.

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax." – Mark Black

scottj55555 50H
1940 messages
18/4/2018 23h43

After the appropriate appetizer, sometimes you just need a good fork.

blondegirlis 53F  
4461 messages
19/4/2018 12h34

Oh wow not good! You should get checked out as LakeRidgeBBWSeek advised because he's could perforate your oesophagus (throat), intestines and bowels. Remember if plastic doesn't deteriorate in a landfill, do you really think your body can handle it?

XHamburgDave 75H  
5161 messages
19/4/2018 1h17

Not Good J, get yourself checked out!! A piece of plastic could damge you more than airport food. Take care of yourself my friend

Sunny weather here in the low 60's, could be a lot worse

sexysixties2 70F  
37646 messages
19/4/2018 4h21

I hope you're okay....I actually hate plastic doesn't do what it's supposed to do...knives don't cut and forks don't spear food!!!

I once swallowed a piece of my tooth which broke while I was eating rice....only I could manage that!

"Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age."
~~~ Anais Nin ~~~

1st_downonu 62H
180 messages
19/4/2018 4h22

Hope it comes out ok.

rebelpride57 61H/55F  
20 messages
19/4/2018 4h25

the worst was a cunt hair made me gag hate a hairy pus

AmorphousAmor 62H
3430 messages
19/4/2018 4h31

When I was about 12 I swallowed a smallish peach pit and nobody in my family believed me! It went in without incident (and I assume out as well) - speaking of peaches, how are yours? 😋👅💦

azriel1970 48H  
22203 messages
19/4/2018 5h27

Hmm Swallowing something non-sexual???? LOL

Nothing that I can recall though I am dang sure I have in my life. I hope you will be okay sweetie!!

oldbstrd55 61H  
3062 messages
19/4/2018 6h07

Besides the occasional bug at 70mph, I can't think of anything. One of my boys swallowed a fishing weight, the doctor had a good laugh and told us to check his stool to make sure it passed ok. Rubber gloves, squishing shit.

1horizon 96H
386 messages
19/4/2018 9h29

The good news is that you "think" you swallowed it. I guess that means it has to be a really small piece. In which case...

This too will pass.

I have to agree with the couple of folks that warned of danger. As it travels through you it might cause damage and that could lead to problems. I don't think any medical professional is going to go in after it but they'll just warn you to be alert for signs of damage. If everything is fine after a week or so then you should be able to go back to using cutlery. Silly, silly, silly...

lindoboy100 55H
19773 messages
19/4/2018 10h28

Ouch.......maybe ye should ingest some ay that enzyme they've discovered that eats plastic??

I've never accidentally swallowed anything particularly odd, but I have eaten a few things that might be culturally unusual to some of us......

Wake up and hold yer noses.........

Tmptrzz 55F  
50175 messages
19/4/2018 10h48

Yikes my friend that doesn't sound good, you will have to be careful and watch when eating with those now. I hate using them as I have never swallowed part of them but they do break rather easily. So nice to hear your enjoying the Sunshiny Weather..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

citizen4722 60H  
58400 messages
19/4/2018 11h36

I remember swallowing a fly...or two on a beach!
We've been having glorious weather over the pond these past two days. I hope it lasts.

wantaplay8 65H
4513 messages
19/4/2018 14h07

A few Mosquitoes, some larger bug too and gum that is it....never run through the woods with your mouth open! Ha ha.
The fork will pass depending on the size of the tang; if you did.
Busy is about that fine weather your hanging out in! LOL
Headed for a week of near or slightly above 60 next week and a couple of wet snow for a change.

proteus_2a 52H
6262 messages
20/4/2018 2h44

Apart from the occasional food wrapper, pretty mundane things here

Cheers my lady, and take care

proteus_2a 52H
6262 messages
20/4/2018 2h45

As for the title,let's not go into that !!!

Cheers - P

Voyuer97 61H
451 messages
21/4/2018 7h02

Well, as Yogi is quoted as saying (and probably didn't) when you come to a fork in the road, take it. I don't think he meant literally, though!

I swallowed a lot of the bullshit my charming ex used to serve up - she was the most accomplished liar I have even known. As for me? Other than that, I tend to be kinda careful about swallowing stuff.

Not to worry. It all comes out in the end.

Leegs2012 45H
33898 messages
21/4/2018 10h02

Are u OK??? Like you said, at least you are in warm weather...not up chance.

josegordon 73H/114F
10 messages
22/4/2018 4h47

i swallowed a load once (ok)twice but it was no accident

templar_s 48H
3810 messages
22/4/2018 7h02

Ive also accidentally swallowed gasoline from siphoning in the old days, and I've done it more than once...not a great feeling, I tell you. Not recommended.

Now, things that other people have accidentally swallowed? No comment, and no accidents.

Jimbeam4sex 43H
1 message
22/4/2018 12h45

Swallow some jizz

cantwaitandready 49H
17 messages
22/4/2018 13h44

are you ok

fubar2night 34H
16 messages
26/4/2018 5h30

that is one way to put it.

LAxoxguy 39H
22 messages
29/4/2018 20h25

Plastic cutlery and straws are banned in Malibu, CA. Hopefully, more places ban it!! One-use plastic is destroying our oceans and our lives.

ExtremeCock10 47H
2 messages
3/5/2018 12h20


felcher74 44H  
38 messages
6/5/2018 13h55

thats hot yummeee mmmm

felcher74 44H  
38 messages
8/5/2018 13h59

mmm wow thats hott

Sirshardsanddeep 41H
32 messages
13/5/2018 5h47

I actually can't think of anything. Hope you're ok though.

klitflicker 53H
13 messages
15/5/2018 20h58

a grub in a serving of creamed corn .

klitflicker 53H
13 messages
15/5/2018 21h00

Sounds like a scene from The Terror. Was 15 feet of rope involved?

maybejustrex4 51H  
2255 messages
16/5/2018 7h42

    Citer scottj55555:
    After the appropriate appetizer, sometimes you just need a good fork.
The winner!

atro2018 30H  
12 messages
17/5/2018 11h32

not good

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