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sinsationalgent 54H  
211 messages
11/4/2018 13h53

Prefer facing as seeing a woman's lovely making her climax over and over is absolutely amazing, as is seeing her face while taking a thickc cock deep into her mouth or taking a big load into hot pink pussy.

XHamburgDave 75H  
7323 messages
11/4/2018 14h20

Cowgirl is my favourite position, I can see my partners face and caress her breasts

ltrskr 70H  
3127 messages
11/4/2018 14h24

Hmmmm, See the blog about 69........LOL!

open2explore3 55F  
38 messages
11/4/2018 15h46

Doggy, with mirrors

justskin1 67H  
11115 messages
11/4/2018 16h40

I prefer to be able to see my partners face, see her reaction, kiss her lips when fucking her. Also to be able to look down and see my cock slide in and out
and how her pussy and lips grip it. Still, sometimes I love to have her on her stomach and do her from behind. It is a totally different feel and I love the way the hollow of my thighs slide over her ass cheeks. I shave that area and had a GF who loved me to fuck her that way when I let the hollow get to the prickly stage. Said she loved the feel of her ass cheeks getting prickled as I slide over them fucking her.
Preferences are good but sometimes variety is better.

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

hardens69 56H
33 messages
11/4/2018 17h11

as long as its sex the position don't matter much

papis_baby_girl 42F  
4942 messages
11/4/2018 17h27


if I'm using a man for his cock only and then will kick him out of the house, then I don't have to look at him...

if I'm into him, heck... if i kinda sorta like him and don't really want to get rid of him after the deed, then sure I don't mind looking at him.

"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."
-Anais Nin

"I am big, it's the pictures that got small!"
-Norma Desmond

thikhead 61H
1686 messages
11/4/2018 18h33

as a male, im always facing my partner

even when shes not facing me.

sometimes its about feeling as im the the giver, like doggie for example,

sometimes its about mutual giving, like when facing.

facing is how we almost always finish.

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 58H
3216 messages
11/4/2018 18h40

So I do like watching a gals face as I give her what she wants and asked for. But will admit, entering from behind is erotic too. And there is something about a gal riding me reverse cowgirl give me a view I find very erotic too. So, it was a hard choice, back later after I do something about that !

undercover_bi469 54H
209 messages
11/4/2018 20h25

Facing, I like to kiss while I fuck.

slidellhunk 48H
13 messages
12/4/2018 12h10

Definitely both! But I love having my lady face down flat and me fucking her from behind deep, this position always hits that famous G SPOT!

allnitelong2063 55H
136 messages
12/4/2018 5h38

facing each other then I can watch her as she cums all over me!

bigthing663 48H
19 messages
12/4/2018 11h42

facing so i can see the pleasure on her face

sphxdiver 69H  
20415 messages
12/4/2018 21h32

Also go along with the Cowgirl position, got a few options going on there too !!

Lookdiscret 52H
22 messages
13/4/2018 8h01

Like partner to face me. Like to see her expressions as well as playing with her tits and kissing her

4tenn 72H
8 messages
13/4/2018 9h21

I give as good as I get and the action face to face is much better. The boobs are on the front side, also.

luv2bewached40 50H
19 messages
14/4/2018 21h58

i love to see here eyes!

1064 messages
14/4/2018 22h09

Use a mirror - 2 birds 1 stone

Lkn4funwith2 53H
698 messages
15/4/2018 22h48

I always do both. Doggy-style is a must for me, but I definitely want to caress a woman's breasts and suck her hard nipples while fucking her pussy or ass.

dere969 37H
8 messages
16/4/2018 2h28

I love to look into their eyes and kiss them as I am inside their pussy

smoothguy522 67H  
33 messages
16/4/2018 3h19

While i prefer facing my partner and watching their facial expressions, sometimes facing away or doggy is simply hot.

BlackKnight71304 42H
15 messages
16/4/2018 4h00

I prefer facing my partner so that I can see the passion as we both enjoy our journey into sexual bliss!!

grandpa031958 101H

17/4/2018 16h04

Face to face please.
With lots of kissing.

TheRealDollHouse 27F
1 message
19/4/2018 18h41

I'm just loving to fuck a clock and I rather be doggie, sitting on his lap & riding his cock with him behind me, etc. >>!

jerry724x4 44H
16 messages
20/4/2018 16h57

there all good...

lovegunnerforyou 44H
30 messages
21/4/2018 10h09

Most definitely facing

69ChicagoFunGuy 48H
15 messages
21/4/2018 15h59

Eyes locked ... and you? {=}

throatswabber1 42H
53 messages
22/4/2018 20h19

Doggy is my favorite. I get off grabbing some ass and watching shake as I pound from behind

protestant8104 37H
25 messages
24/4/2018 14h36

I love to look her in the eyes while we both merge perfectly

Fuckmehard100069 37H
24 messages
26/4/2018 5h07

facing is preferred but variety is important

SitonthisIcum 38H  
11 messages
21/5/2018 20h21

Facing partner

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