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shogun_269u_II 56H
62 messages
9/7/2018 9h18

Luv luv luv having a woman give me a deep long kiss after she has let me cum in her mouth! Sadly not happening right now but in the past always luvd sharing!

bifun50 69H
298 messages
9/7/2018 9h33

Anything both are enjoying is wonderful

justskin1 67H  
10961 messages
9/7/2018 10h17

Love to kiss after I have given her or she gives me oral. Especially good after fucking her good so our cream is well mixed and I can lick it up. Scoop some of that glorious mix onto my tongue and share a deep kiss.
Love to have her "deglaze" my cock after a vigorous fucking too.

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

Che6t9 51H

9/7/2018 11h30

Its incredibly intimate.

scooterdude88c 54H  
140 messages
9/7/2018 17h34

I have been licking my own cum out of my hand for some time now so if the person be it be male or female I always welcome a hot kiss afterwards especially if they share the rewards

allnitelong2063 55H
128 messages
10/7/2018 12h51

oh yes I love to eat my cum out of her pussy and then kiss! sharing is caring!

uncutluv69 62H
47 messages
12/7/2018 8h21

Mostly yes. Especially after 69. really the hottest if you cum in each other's mouth then kiss, mix, and swap the cum back and forth. I find that super hot with both men and women. In fact, the only time I kiss other men is if cum in involved.

Subfantasy67 52H
79 messages
13/7/2018 22h40

I agree with Travlinbi. It's just rude not to.

"You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

Pleasure_giverTX 60H
2 messages
14/7/2018 9h51

In my experience girls a re very timid about kissing after and I try to encourage them to kiss me with their mouth still full. It is sexual and hot to trade it.

Gentlegent21 45H

16/7/2018 8h34

Absolutely hot watching her taste herself

only_lurking 54H  
129 messages
16/7/2018 19h28

So far, it looks like the guys love it. No female responses? No matter. I already know some like it and some don't.

welikesex51 48H/45F
2 messages
19/7/2018 10h14

The wife and I both love to kiss after me filling her hot gaping pussy with my cum, after her riding my face, or after she gives me a blow job.

bbisme15 53H
27 messages
19/7/2018 11h52

Its so hot when a lady cums in for a long tongue kiss after giver her oral. I must admit i usually wait a bit before Frenching after i cum in her mouth

brandini734 24H  
76 messages
20/7/2018 14h32

It's happened before after both of us tasted each other it's pretty fun.

Cobranina 55H/48F  
11 messages
24/7/2018 3h58

Female response here...I LOVE cum swapping with a kiss or just having it dripped in my mouth with his mouth. Plus I just enjoy tasting myself to no end from his cock or lips or his fingers or myself. So many women are not fully open sexually and it's sad because they are missing out on so much. I am too though. I am a kinky naughty girl but cannot open fully with hubby and he knows it. I can with other men and want to but not with him around. So, I have asked numerous times to be allowed to play alone to get my kinks out but it goes in one ear and out the other. Lol

Michaelmjblucas1 49H  
208 messages
28/7/2018 12h28

When I dated this girl Noreen, she enjoyed giving and receiving oral very much! The first time she gave me oral sex, she let me cum in her mouth, which felt FANTASTIC! Then she began kissing me intensely. Some of my cum was still in her mouth and she tonged me. I had never tasted my own cum before, but she kept kissing me! After, she said she loved that I didn't back away from her kissing me, and that she loved sharing that with me. While I very much enjoy giving oral to men and women, I don't remember ever kissing them after they got off So I wasn't so into it, like she was, but I was in lust for her, so I didn't object when she did this again, and again, during our relationship.

Being curious and asking questions is a good thing!

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