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Holiday Points Giveaway!
Publié :26/11/2017 7h35
Dernière mise à jour :5/12/2017 2h36
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Ever since I lost the ability to freely pass out flowers (i.e. points), I feel like I've been slacking in my Points Fairy responsibilities.

Lucky for you, I stocked up on points before that happened, and I'm giving them away in a holiday raffle so you can enjoy them!!

I will be giving away 5,000 POINTS to 4 lucky winners. That's a prize pool of 20k. You're welcome

Just comment on this post to be entered to win. Prizes will be given away on 12/25.

First! A few rules for how I will pick the winner...
1. You have to have been on a.f.f. for at least a month. I don't want these points just being wasted by some rando here just checking things out.
2. You have to have a profile picture. Same idea as rule 1.
3. You can't be currently blocked by me or generally perceived as an asshole or troll. That should be obvious why.
4. Winners will be chosen at random, so no amount of BUT I NEEEEEEED THEM will help you.
5. You're absolutely allowed and encouraged to comment more than once.

Lastly, I will only be giving them away to the winners, so please don't message me asking for points.

Good luck my lovers!
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Erotic Stories
Publié :24/9/2017 10h38
Dernière mise à jour :13/11/2017 20h36
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Hey boo.

I'm realizing my blog is just me shooting the shit. If you'd like to read my erotica, best way to find it is to search my username, MissDReid, on the erotic stories page under the community tab. I haven't figured out if there's an easier way for you to find them yet...

I also take fan requests for stories. Message me an idea and I'll work with you to post something that is a meld of our interests.

And if you have ideas for other things (pics, vids, blogs), message me those too. I'm here for your pleasure...
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The Barney Special
Publié :18/11/2017 1h44
Dernière mise à jour :26/11/2017 20h27
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I used to want to be an anthropologist. This was before my dreams of being an astrophysicist mind you. I've just always been a big fan of people, very curious about our interactions with each other and trying to make sense of it all...

I bring it up because I love talking to new people and love making new friends. (Hehehe love making)

It's also served me super well so far to always just lead with kindness. Live by the golden rule. Of course, there are some people out there that are exceptions to that rule... But those suckers just get blocked and I move on! Haha

And I've never gone onto someone's profile and said something mean or negative on their site, or messaged them to be malicious. Yet, it happens to me all the time. Body shamers or just mean spirited people spreading hate...

To me, we're all on here for a myriad of reasons, but overall we're all just trying to make it through. We're in this struggle together dammit! Help a girl out! Haha.

Wow, I'm rambling now. Who lets me post things late at night? Jesus.

Ok, let's wrap this up, I mostly just wanted to say - be kind to each other and if you can't, at least don't be mean. I'd settle for a frosty indifference
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Publié :17/11/2017 8h51
Dernière mise à jour :19/11/2017 12h02
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Hmm... I didn't want to enter this contest because I felt like no one would keep with the theme... yet it seems everyone is! Awesome! Now I'm wishing I had entered because my idea was very different from everyone else's (surprise surprise), but it's a little too late too...

Ah well.

Anyone else notice how the site has been acting up lately? Between disappearing blog posts, site features flat out not working, and I've got some pictures that I submitted last night that have yet to be approved (they normally take like 6 hours max, it's been 12), I think it's safe to say some strange things are happening over at a.f.f. I wonder what's coming next...
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Girl crush
Publié :15/11/2017 11h47
Dernière mise à jour :17/11/2017 14h59
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I love having a crush on straight (or mostly straight) women. I can enjoy all the fantasies without the pressure of trying to make something happen.

And there's zero fear of rejection because I don't even stand a chance. Just admire from afar. Ahhh... what a load off.

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Super Sleuth
Publié :14/11/2017 15h24
Dernière mise à jour :15/11/2017 12h46
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I've been having a ton of fun just exploring the different facets of this site lately.

For example, today I found out that everyone can watch my vids and see my pics on the mobile version of the site.

Which is great and all since you don't have to pay, but the detective work to figure that out was so much fun!! I'm definitely a nerd for puzzles, I'll see the things that no one else can.

What other things am I going to find next?
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Small update
Publié :11/11/2017 17h50
Dernière mise à jour :14/11/2017 15h14
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It doesn't look like I'm going to place in the contest this go around... ah well, I'm not surprised. The competition was hot. The photo currently in first place is probably the coolest pic on a.f.f.

Also, I was trying to write a blog post about my first threesome, but damn if I can't remember all the details. Hahaha! It did happen years ago and I was definitely drinking beforehand, but still feel like I shoud remember more...

Anyway, that's in the pipes (tehehe) so look out.

Until then lovers!
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VIPs look out!
Publié :9/11/2017 15h52
Dernière mise à jour :17/11/2017 9h22
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Hey guys,

Friendly notice that it seems giving the roses is officially costing points. We knew it was coming, but kind of messed up that they didn't at least give us a specific time. Hope no one had to waste points!

We'll find another way to keep the love going!
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Publié :8/11/2017 22h07
Dernière mise à jour :17/11/2017 9h31
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I have been thinking... (oh Jesus, run now)

I was exploring some blogs and some comments on them earlier. One particular blogger's comments stood out repeatedly. Not for good reasons either. They stood out because this person seems bitter and unhappy.

I just kept thinking about it, since it seemed off to me that you'd be bitter on a sex site. I don't think most people care, nor would they want you to try to bring them down with you...

But also, this is a sex site. If the site is working, you definitely shouldn't feel bitter. The sex should help with that.

Then again, maybe this person isn't getting any...

But, this is me thinking too much while I'm tired, so that could also explain it. Hehe.

Anyway. If you're having a bad day, you just let me know and we'll figure out how to make it better!
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Action Contest
Publié :7/11/2017 9h36
Dernière mise à jour :5/12/2017 2h37
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You see this pic? Where I'm cumming hard?

It's in the finals in the current action shot contest.

Now I'm not saying you HAVE to vote for me. I'm just saying you definitely should vote for me.

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Top 6 Successful Lines
Publié :6/11/2017 22h38
Dernière mise à jour :9/11/2017 7h31
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Someone asked me to write about the times men were most successful in getting to meet up with me. Since I apparently have an amazing sex life. Really there is no secret formula, most of the time with me it's timing. I work so damn much that timing is literally everything with me, but you'll also notice that I tend to stick with the guys that respect me a bit more and don't jump off with, "Wanna fuck?" I either ignore those messages or provide a super sassy comeback... Oh! Originality really helps too.

But anyway, here goes. Top 6 most successful guys on a.f.f. It's only a top 6 because I'm tired...

6. How about we go to a sex shop and you get whatever you want?
Men ask me for advice on their profiles a lot and I always tell them the same thing: Stick to your strengths! If you've got a huge dick, show it. If you've worked hard on that body, flaunt it. If you're really kind, let me know. This particular guy felt his biggest strength was that he was rich. Good for him, at least he has something. I was going to move on down the list because the convo was going nowhere, but then he mentioned a status update where I said I needed some new outfits. Long story short, a couple days from when we first messaged I was at a sex shop with him buying outfits and toys. I blew him in the parking lot of Chrystal's after we tried out some of my new vibrators in his car. Shout out to everyone who saw us on Parker road.

5. I want to show you off!
I'm a big fan of feeling like I'm desired. By everyone. Hahaha! This guy knew that by reading something I had written, so he simply said he wanted to buy me a new dress and show me off. I countered with wearing one of my old dresses (hard to find cute things when you're a big girl) and something special underneath. His excitement over getting to meet me was really sweet, but then when I met him a couple of days later, I wasn't feeling it. We never actually fucked, but he did take me out and show me off.

Hey, this list wasn't about fucking me, just meeting me.

4. I can be at your house in 10 minutes.
This is one of those timing things. I had started talking to this guy one day. He was super cute and really funny. He turned me on with his wit. The next day, I was fucking myself and on here trying to have random men help me get off. I start talking to him and he asks where I'm at. I tell him. He asks that I go unlock the door and keep fucking myself, he's 10 minutes away. Oh, I am so down. He comes into my bedroom about 15 minutes later and we fuck 3 times. We'd only just started chatting the day before. And once I was done, I sent him on his way.

3. Come over and watch cartoons with me!
If you hit my nerd heartstrings, you'll probably also lightly graze my pussystrings. This wasn't the only time someone tried to get me to come over this way, but it was the first. We had just started messaging earlier that day, I got home from work and was unwinding by watching Netflix. He asks what I'm up to, I say watching Futurama. He says me too!! Haha! We start nerding out over our favorite shows and then he asks if I wanna come over and watch with him. Well, yeah, sure, I'm bored enough. Long story short, I watched Futurama on all fours that night.

2. I've got a super comfy bed and my shower is amazing.
This is another one where the timing was good. Me and this guy had been talking for a while, but never really talked of meeting up. One night I'm at work and just bitching about my bad day to anyone who will listen. He's listening and I say I need a relaxing night after a nice hot shower. He says he's got a really comfy king sized bed and his shower is amazing. I ask where he lives, find out he's on my way home from work. Location, location, location. I decide to test out both of these claims. Both turned out to be very true. Honestly, this one shouldn't be so high up because technically we had talked for a couple of weeks, but this guy has been by far my favorite lover I've met off here so he gets put higher hahaha!

1. I wanna cuddle you so hard!
One night, I'm bored and on im (back when I used to use the pos service) when I get a message from a guy with a big dick. It just says hi. I ignore it. Then he sends me another thats something to the effect of Girl, I love your body. I want you to come over to my nice big bed so I can cuddle you, hard. That line cracked me up, no one had ever tried to get into my pants by saying they want to cuddle me. I was just bored enough that night that I was at his place 2 hours later. We cuddled for maybe 2 minutes... before fucking for an hour. Fastest close ever for that kid, a whole 2 hours. It did not hurt one bit that he was hot and had a big dick.

So, there you go. I'm definitely not as willing to meet up like that anymore though, but you never know what can happen if you catch me at the right time...
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Publié :5/11/2017 21h48
Dernière mise à jour :25/11/2017 7h31
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Work is FINALLY slowing down a bit for me. I'm hoping I can be a little more active on here soon.

Not necessarily in terms of meet ups. My plate is still pretty full there. But you know, camming, writing, posting... I'm thinking I'll have more time for all that.

But of course, there's my plan and then what actually ends up happening.

Although sometimes I think I might not be as accessible as I used to be... Which is funny because I do all this so you will reach out hahaha.

But anyway.

Just hopeful you'll see me around a bit more lovers.

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Publié :1/11/2017 13h21
Dernière mise à jour :4/11/2017 3h26
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Alright... I was a real slacker today and didn't make that vid I said I would. Lo siento! Please forgive me.

It'll probably be something I do next week now. Because I definitely want you to watch me. And cum for me.

I've been helping all the guys cum while they're on cam lately. I'm having fun! That's my cum rawr!

Maybe I'll catch you on cam too?
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