What do you prefer to see on cam?  

ShyLady2018 28F  
131 messages
7/4/2018 12h01
What do you prefer to see on cam?

When watching a cam what would you prefer to watch?
Pussy play
Ass play
Boob play
Or watch people fucking and sucking

XHamburgDave 74H  
1631 messages
7/4/2018 5h39

I voted for Pussy Play, but if it was possible, I would have voted for "All of the Above"

silverwolf_n_ut 53H
5 messages
7/4/2018 6h44

looks nice

boobguy216 43H
17 messages
7/4/2018 7h14

Love boobs

snippedshooter 54H  
403 messages
7/4/2018 7h38

What makes you wet and want to cum.

snippedshooter 54H  
403 messages
7/4/2018 7h41

Wish could eat you as you type. Pour baby oil over you so you glisten and shine. Let your juices mingle and all holes wet. Just your mind needs to cum and let your body quiver.

Pixture 74H/61F  
35 messages
7/4/2018 10h58

Your Poll seeks to determine what “action” viewers want to see when watching cam broadcasts. Your Poll options are limited to female body parts and people fucking and sucking. It appears you are not interested in what women enjoy.

I learn from your profile that you are seeking MEN and advise guys that you may be broadcasting. Therefore, I assume you are polling to learn what men are interested in watching you do. Much depends on the viewers you want to attract and your purpose in wanting to attract them. More depends on your reasons for wanting to broadcast your cam to the public.

Since you are specifically asking about a sexual performance it seems your interest must be in attracting an audience of horny men to tease and to which exhibit yourself. If you are interested in “Tips” then you need to maintain an audience that is interested in you…but…is always wanting something else of you.

Men! Don’t show them your tits and they want to see tits even though your pussy is in plain sight. Lean back and spread your legs for the camera and they will start telling you to get on your hands and knees and stick your ass in the air. I am certain that if your poll had an “I like it all” option, it would be the clear favorite. I wonder how important showing (or not) your face is.

But, whatever you are doing, they must be able to see it to enjoy watching it. An attractive setting, good lighting, and attention to camera angles will all help attract and maintain an audience. I would be interested in hearing other’s observations about their likes and dislikes regarding cam shows, wouldn’t you?

In the meanwhile, perhaps visiting a Strip Club will help you overcome some of your shyness. You will see firsthand what horny men want to watch women do but (most probably) it will not be as nasty of a performance as they really want to see.

Thank you, ShyLady2018, for a Poll and not an Advice Line question; hopefully it will have a longer life. It seems both of us and many others (professional porn, advertising, entertainment, fashion, etc) are interested in what sexually attracts others. I look forward to seeing your broadcasts and wish you success in attracting the audience you seek.

ShyLady2018 replies on 7/4/2018 20h29:
I really enjoy reading your respond. Thank you for such great points, they are very much appreciated!😊

eager4unow 61H  
1386 messages
7/4/2018 12h13

I very seldom watch live cams but if I do I prefer to watch good old fucking and sucking...

sterling119 53H  
2 messages
7/4/2018 12h56

Love to watch a couple have hot sex with a nice natural cream pie ending

luv2bewached40 49H
15 messages
7/4/2018 22h58

love to watch till I explode and love to see squirters!

profcoquin27bis 53H
1688 messages
8/4/2018 10h39


redplate123 27H
4 messages
8/4/2018 21h54

I like it all really

bisexualcharle69 53H
219 messages
8/4/2018 22h41

i love to see a woman in i unbuttoned shirt if find that so hot and to see her nipple pop out every now and then. i also love to see a woman flash me . would like to meet in person as we never know how much time we have.

poullaki1982 36H
16 messages
8/4/2018 23h08

i prefer fuck and suck with you while everybody watching our cam!!! xxx

RavenGB 57H
162 messages
8/4/2018 23h15

Sex is a hands-on thing. I don't find cams that appealing and "cam models" even less so. It is just about cash or points - why pay for that kind of thing when so much is available on line for nothing? Seeing it at first hand can be a turn-on, of course. The only way it makes sense to me is over a private connection between a very limited (preferably 2) number of people, perhaps when lovers are apart. It is difficult for heterosexuals not to be attracted to the well-toned, young(ish) body of the member of the opposite sex: ask yourself what you'd want to see of a man on cam (God help us...)

Lancesteel 51H
10 messages
9/4/2018 5h39

I enjoy seeing and showing it all

heroschis1 47H
25 messages
9/4/2018 6h56

Really needed an ALL THE ABOVE.

Muff6Diver9 44H  
14 messages
9/4/2018 7h25

I'm more of a butt kinda guy so that's my 'favorite' view but as others here stated, all of the above is my section if it was there.

illicit100 69H
15 messages
9/4/2018 10h14

Mature woman with hairy pussies masturbating. Thats what turns me on

uncutdevil 33H  
82 messages
9/4/2018 12h11

fucking, sucking and a nice cumshot

quadlo 70H
33 messages
9/4/2018 14h33

ass play for sure

letugetoff 48H
16 messages
9/4/2018 14h40

Love to see a woman sucking her own nipples and stretching them as she pulls her lips away mmmmm

Countryfun240 51H  
127 messages
9/4/2018 14h54

I enjoy seeing the lady start playing fully clothed then down to bra and panties then totally naked. So I guess I like a strip tease with caressing and masturbation.

Lookin4DaNextGoo 36H
7 messages
9/4/2018 15h55

Love a good hard fucking on cam.

sphxdiver 68H  
19919 messages
9/4/2018 17h58

Honestly, anything but a bunch of damn Point Scammers !!

Way to many of the Live Member Cams, are actually a bunch of the site's "Live Model Cam women".

Waste of time, etc, etc.

temptationplus58 59F  
1021 messages
9/4/2018 18h01

I didn't realize anyone actually watched that stuff. What's the point?

Kinkx509 41H
19 messages
9/4/2018 20h45

Panty play is hot to!

Veronica_Lynn 40T  
24 messages
9/4/2018 21h24

I picked, I like to watch people fucking and sucking on cam.
But in all actuality I like to see cum and orgasms.


ShyLady2018 28F  
25 messages
9/4/2018 23h13

nice feedback... I love the responses!!!

sanjan2201 34H
23 messages
9/4/2018 23h56

someone like the play when woman is naked or sitting opp. and trying to grab my attentions...

Crystal_Lake 38F  
280 messages
10/4/2018 12h20

Alfred Hitchcock flicks.🎥🎬📽💻📼

My cup runneth over
Like blood from a stone
These stand for me
Name your god and bleed the freak
I like to see
How you all would bleed for me

altlooking 63H  
281 messages
10/4/2018 9h51

I do like to watch old fashioned fucking. Closeups of a cock pumping a pussy, and the eventual orgasm inside her are great.

I like a short and quick video. Don't really care to see 15 minutes of humping. Like to watch and move on.

digsit169 53H
3 messages
10/4/2018 13h25

I like watching all, but a good romp is fun to watch.

glensfallsbibttm 51H
55 messages
10/4/2018 16h59

Really depends on my mood...bet yes ALL OF THE ABOVE!! And FTM TS

Megadethmetal4 22H
20 messages
10/4/2018 21h58

You're the captain I'm just here to watch you sail lol

Kcmex816 28H
12 messages
11/4/2018 8h34

Love to see people fuck

Certified Freak

InsectorGadget 38H  
94 messages
11/4/2018 11h50

Everything, as long as it comes from the spirit of exhibition.

OakKing421 50H
517 messages
11/4/2018 18h44

your FACE...if you aren't willing to show your face in a well lit room or photo I and a lot of dmec.com people assume you might just be shady

tigger11642 43H  
18 messages
11/4/2018 20h33

I like woman who is a great tease no matter what she shows

cumboi65 66H  
859 messages
12/4/2018 3h34

I love watching ass play. Especially two men.

bigthing663 47H
13 messages
12/4/2018 6h54

good poll question

exfranz2017 40H
61 messages
12/4/2018 9h37

whatever the mood strike you!

1025mws 54H
577 messages
12/4/2018 12h57

I like to see all of above!!
I like to see a woman in the nude. Having her boobs, and pussy licked, sucked.
Plus watching her getting fuck in her pussy, ass, and sucking a nice cock.

bisexualcharle69 53H
219 messages
12/4/2018 15h40

I love to see most everything. I don't care for the glazed look. I like watching people cum without getting it all over someone else. I love to be watched masturbating.

ShyLady2018 replies on 15/4/2018 12h44:
me too.. Playing and watching is fun lol

my_rc51 52H  
2 messages
12/4/2018 15h41

Looks like I'm in the minority.... nothing like seeing a great set of ( . Y . )

ShyLady2018 replies on 15/4/2018 12h44:
There is nothing wrong with boobs lol

mkslittlewilly 55H  
1 message
12/4/2018 16h16

I voted boob play, but only because I like a tease. Hand down the knickers , damp spot appearing etc. Gynacological shows don't really do iy for me but I love a good look whilst licking a juicy pussy.

UrIceCreamMan69 64H  
36 messages
12/4/2018 17h54

Pussy play all the way

edinbro54 60H
159 messages
12/4/2018 21h38

all of the above

Johnsfolly 58H  
80 messages
13/4/2018 6h42

I always enjoy seeing a pretty pussy but would rather enjoy it with the woman live and in person rather than watch point scammers.

illicit100 69H
15 messages
13/4/2018 9h09

Like female masturbation

Hotfunxxx1 44H
4 messages
13/4/2018 10h55

l love watching people sucking and fucking.... its so hot to see body parts get wet and hard.

JohnInNebraska 58H
47 messages
13/4/2018 11h09

Love all of them

ozzy1211000 52H
1 message
13/4/2018 15h26

Love to Watch and be WATCHED!!! !

ShyLady2018 replies on 15/4/2018 12h46:
Being watched is quite arousing I enjoy it as well!!

devildad666 47H
5 messages
14/4/2018 3h43

i said pussy play if there was a way to pussy an boobs would of done both an really all is good with me so lets get the cam on

sanjayloves3 36H
21 messages
14/4/2018 6h49

fucking and playing is the best thing to watch on cam

par28655 48H/48F  
63 messages
14/4/2018 23h30

love pussy

7inchwolves 32H
32 messages
15/4/2018 12h28

love to see people naked

Mkingfriends 45H
76 messages
15/4/2018 8h36

just in case someone just didnt point it out, I would like to see people with smiles having fun, enjoying their bodies and doing what it feels right for the moment, caring friends having amazing fun.

ShyLady2018 28F  
25 messages
15/4/2018 12h47

Thank you all for your responses!!!

SaulzenXX 32H  
1 message
15/4/2018 15h24

What do you prefer to see on cam Hitchcock flicks Crystal Lake? Quite hysterical. A cute witty woman you are. Id love to spend a weekend in bed with you watching Hitchcock flicks----when we weren't humping each other senseless.. Lots of love to you. .. Saul XX

StudlyNHung69 36H  
4 messages
15/4/2018 21h09

very nice thanks so much...

Shepshep55 54H
28 messages
16/4/2018 6h16

I voted for Watching people fuck, but I also like pussy play and a woman getting cum on her chest.

1Youngoldboy4U 56H  
24 messages
16/4/2018 8h23

If It's erotic enough anything & everything, even a smile goes a long ways!

1741125pp 47H
7 messages
16/4/2018 8h52


ShyLady2018 28F  
25 messages
16/4/2018 13h48


Mrniceguy28277 43H
2 messages
16/4/2018 16h14

All of the above!

MomoBear1 67H/32F  
250 messages
16/4/2018 21h15

Love all the choices but best would be sucking deep throat and pussy / anal fucking with cream pies

Aldemars13 47H
20 messages
17/4/2018 7h39

I love watching all people for sex cam... It's so exciting Love it....

SEanXXX33 51H
33 messages
17/4/2018 8h27

I voted for pussy play but would rather do my own vids with a lovely young lady

ShyLady2018 28F  
25 messages
17/4/2018 12h08

Thank you for your responses!!!

9PoundWiener 46H
4 messages
18/4/2018 11h18

The female body is a glory to behold.

urzorally2 50H
1 message
18/4/2018 12h05

Masturbation and the Fucking and Sucking with glimpses of her enjoyment on her face works for me.

Hehatememore69 33H
3 messages
18/4/2018 13h29

All of the above

slowone40 48H
27 messages
18/4/2018 19h14

All of them really

GiveMeMoreAgain 57H
68 messages
18/4/2018 19h19

Enjoy seeing an ass being played with!

bim4bifandcouple 40H
5 messages
19/4/2018 4h27

love the act of sex be it oral vaginal or anal . if people are doing it I want to see it

uncutluv69 62H
27 messages
19/4/2018 7h29

My favorite is watching two guys 69ing - best if they cum in each other's mouth and then snowball the loads back and forth. It's a fantasy of mine that I hope to do some day.

uncutluv69 62H
27 messages
19/4/2018 7h31

My favorite is watching two guys 69ing - best if they cum in each other's mouth and then snowball the loads back and forth. It's a fantasy of mine that I hope to do some day. Any cam or video that shows guys eating cum is a big turn on for me.

josemariajo 56H
79 messages
19/4/2018 9h09

,,, people having sex....yeeeee...it help me enjoy myself...

AD12663 51H
7 messages
19/4/2018 9h12

I have a voyeur type mentality. I think watching someone having sex or giving a blow job gets me thinking that I am looking in on something more intimate.

1741125pp 47H
7 messages
19/4/2018 9h43


Oldboy2018 61H
5 messages
19/4/2018 14h06

rather be part of the action

ShyLady2018 28F  
25 messages
19/4/2018 18h12

Thanks for the continual responses!!!

Enchantedwud 49H
17 messages
20/4/2018 7h03

Well I'd love to see all of a woman, I also prefer to cam2cam. Yes give me all her sexy ass all day too.

poullaki1982 36H
16 messages
21/4/2018 12h04

Really needed an ALL THE ABOVE too!

comejoinus641 56H/57F  
1 message
21/4/2018 3h35

id love to see 2 women going at it

ShyLady2018 28F  
25 messages
21/4/2018 4h13

😀 it all sounds fun!

lovegunnerforyou 43H
27 messages
21/4/2018 10h10

Which do you prefer?

ShyLady2018 replies on 21/4/2018 13h12:
I prefer to play with my pussy on cam!! I'm not big on requests because when my screen is tilted I can't see the chat box to much. I will show my tits as well, basically I'm not going to stop my playing to get up to show someone my ass lol

Johnniebouie 60H  
7 messages
21/4/2018 14h17

I want to see the chicks anus more. They never show it off.

Love803s 57H  
4 messages
21/4/2018 15h33

I like couples playing, and maybe another added in too.

56creampielover 61H
38 messages
21/4/2018 15h44

    Citer XHamburgDave:
    I voted for Pussy Play, but if it was possible, I would have voted for "All of the Above"
I agree all the above and more I could watch a guy shoot his load or a lovely lady orgasm I would love to watch a guy cum deep in a pussy and see the cum dripping out and then he starts to clean her up.

ShyLady2018 28F  
25 messages
21/4/2018 23h24


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