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My next fantasy
Publié :14/3/2018 20h11
Dernière mise à jour :19/10/2018 12h44
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My next fantasy I want to do on videos, is something that makes me very wet, I would love for 3 black men, dressed all in black jeans and shirt and black ski mask on, I am all alone at home, and then come knock on the door asking for money that my husband owes them, and I tell them that he is gone and they say they will not leave until they get some sort of payment...and I tell them that my husband controls all the money and that I have nothing to offer other than my body and they take me up on the I go to put on sexy clothes for them I come downstairs to find them all ready for me...they just come to me quickly and surround me and put me on my knees as they just shove their BBC into my helpless mouth, BBC after BBC is shoved inside my throat and I am starting to wonder what my fate will be when they just put me on all fours as a BBC keeps fucking my little mouth they talk about how my white pussy is so wet being abused by their BBC and they start to fucking me, letting me know that I will pay for my husband's debt for as long as they want and as often as they want as for payment I will now become their fuck doll whore to use and abuse whenever they want, as they fuck and talk dirty to me my pussy is just squirting and I am begging for more and more as they sit on a BBC, one is shoving in my mouth as I feel another one right behind me and start to penetrate my tight ass and for the first time ever I have a cock in all of my holes and fuck it is 3 BBC fucking me like a total nasty whore and at the end I want them all to cum in my pussy so I am dripping cum for when my husband comes home...

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My addiction to BBC...How it started
Publié :14/3/2018 19h32
Dernière mise à jour :28/5/2018 8h20
1654 vues
Why and How did I get addicted to BBC...well that started a long time ago, in my early 20's I used to go out to clubs a lot with some girlfriends and one of them always kept wanting to go to a club with lots of black men, she had a fascination with them and I just didn't get it at that time, I was in a relationship where my boyfriend was very possessive and jealous so when I did go out I would never ever look at any men, even though at the clubs I would get many black men to come say hi to me I never raised my eyes to truly look at them, as the years went on I got out of that relationship and got married to a husband that had many experiences on the sexual side and I was not experienced at all, so we were talking and decided to browse the internet to see what kind of videos turned us on, then one night I was browsing some videos and found one where this black man had this white woman on a leash, he was making her suck on his BBC, I found that to be so erotic and naughty, and suddenly my pussy was just dripping wet, I kept looking as the black man fucked her hard, she was being used like a whore and loving every seconds of it and I was getting more and more excited about it, my husband was sleeping and I was just finding videos after naughty videos of white women being fucked and used by black men and I just was hooked, I watched so many as I played with my pussy and I just was craving it, as I was listening to videos of black men talking nasty to white women I signed up to this website and sent messages to black men, my husband never gave me permission to talk to other men but I didn't fucking care I knew that this desire to fuck black men and to become a BBC slut was now this urge in my mind and in my pussy, soon after I had many black men reply to my messages, also many white men but fuck I had no desire for that I wanted and craved BBC and I was not going to waste my time, that first night I arranged a date with this big muscular black man, in the morning I told my husband the transformation that had happened to me, and told him that on the saturday I would be meeting this black man with a big thick black cock and he could come watch or just stay home that I was going to go fuck that BBC no matter what......well the saturday arrvied, I had shopped for a nice bustier, garter belt, stockings and nice heels I wanted to be the sexiest slut my BBC had ever seen, so I met him in this bar with my husband but I must tell you that night I barely spoke to my husband I was all attention on my black stud, he was the Alpha male and I was his slutty whore, the way he talked had me dripping wet with desire, as we drove to the hotel I just started playing with his cock in the back of the car as my husband drove us there, I wanted and begged him to let me suck him off but he told me that I would need to I got to the hotel I went and put on my sexiest sluttiest kit for him and then when I came out of the bathroom I have never seen a man just jump on me like he did, he threw me on the bed and just shoved his BBC down my throat, that instant I knew I had become a BBC slut, I kept begging for more and more of his big black cock down my mouth, then I took care of his cock sucking him softly as I was telling him just how much I wanted him, then we moved into a 69 and NO man had ever eaten my pussy the way he did, I felt chills all over my body and did squirt in his skilled mouth as I was devouring his BBC, then he just put me on all fours and told me that a little slut like me needed to be fucked like a little doggy cum slut and just slide his BBC in my tight wet pussy as I felt his BBC enter me and go deeper than any other cock before I was screaming oui! oui! oui!!! in pure pleasure and he fucked me for what seemed like hours and did so many positions but in the end he just got on top of me and made passionate love to me as he stared into my eyes and dumped the biggest load of cum inside my tight wet pussy I knew that it is where BBC cum belong deep down my pussy and fuck since then I am addicted to BBC and always take my BBC's cum deep inside my it is meant to be!!!

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Black Party
Publié :30/12/2017 19h45
Dernière mise à jour :2/1/2018 15h52
2151 vues
Tu veux faire le party avec moi ? tu dois être black et bien cochon

want to party with me ? you must be black and nasty
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XXX Models
Publié :15/8/2016 10h01
Dernière mise à jour :31/7/2017 12h53
8988 vues

here an ad for one of my friend looking for models

Nous sommes une compagnie XXX qui est à la recherche de femmes et hommes âgée entre 18 et 49 ans pour des shoots vidéos et photos XXX, Fetish et Glamour. Nous payons $$$ et voulons découvrir de nouvelle vedette pour le monde de la porno.

Envoyez-nous des photos et vos informations et nous allons vous contactez pour une audition payante.

We are a XXX company looking for women & men between the age of 18 and 49 years old for XXX, Fetish and Glamour photo and video shoots. We pay great money $$$ and are looking to discover new stars.

Send us your pictures and contact information and we will get back to you very shortly and call you for a paid audition shoot.
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My naughty videos
Publié :24/11/2015 7h36
Dernière mise à jour :1/3/2017 19h14
12987 vues
I have always loved getting naughty in front of the camera, there is something so naughty about being filmed while being treated as a all started a few years back when I asked my husband to film me because I was going to be fucking with my first BBC and I really wanted to be watching myself getting fucked after...when I seen myself being used and treated as a BBC whore I knew that I was hooked and addicted...since then I have had lots of experiences and I want to have some more...tell me what you would want to see me do in my future videos

and message me to know more about it


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BBC Slut Video
Publié :29/9/2015 10h03
Dernière mise à jour :29/9/2015 18h40
14644 vues

Ok i am starting this contest whoever sends me the most points via those little flowers until thursday night 10 pm est will get to see the video exclusively...30 minutes of me sucking my big black stud BBC, he licks my pussy, fucks me in many different positions and cums in my pussy hmmmmm

So send me points via flowers and will post the points leaders here


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2 BBC at the same time
Publié :24/9/2015 12h05
Dernière mise à jour :19/10/2018 12h44
14314 vues
The next time I meet I want to meet with 2 black thugs, the real bad boy look, 2 black guys with nice hard big black cocks that are willing to fuck me and do whatever they want to me...I want to suck on 2 big black cocks at once, get fucked in my pussy, my ass, DP hmmmmmmm and fuck until you are both drained of cum

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Valerie et Maitre Alain Part 1
Publié :21/9/2015 5h38
Dernière mise à jour :19/10/2018 12h44
13733 vues
Le maitre a prévu une autre soirée chaude pour sa salope!!!

Ce soir il veut aussi en profiter comme il faut et il la prend chez elle encore avec le instruction de s'habiller cette fois comme ceci:

En embarquant dans l'auto elle comprends que son maître veut du plaisir.

L'arrière de l'auto a un grand matelas devant le siège arrière ou ils prennent place.

Le maître s'approche d'elle pour l'embrasser longuement en lui caressant les seins à travers son joli soutien gorge rouge. Il descend lentement sa main vers sa petite culotte et il sent déjà la moiteur de sa chatte excitée. Et il la caresse lentement pour l'exciter encore plus.

Il déplace sa culotte et insère le doigt pour lui caresser le clito qui est déjà durcit de plaisir.
Il la caresse en continuant de s'embrasser et elle embrasse divinement avec une langue chaude qui s'aventure dans sa bouche, il aime!!!

Il insère le doigt dans sa chatte et remonte lentement pour lui caresser le point G et il pousse son doigt sur celui-ci ce qui la rend jouissive. Sentant ceci, il quitte sa bouche pour descendre lentement son corp et embrasser ses magnifiques seins et continue vers sa chatte en embrassant et léchant tout son corps.
Il arrive à son petit clito et commence lentement à le caresser de sa langue en continuant de jouer du doigt sur son point G et elle se cabre le dos vers le haut et il sent son plaisir!

Il continue de sucer et lécher ce clito et de caresser son point G jusqu'à ce qu'elle jouisse de plaisir criant de jouissance et arquant le dos très haut pour pousser sa chatte encore plus dans la face du maitre qui repousse et continue de lécher lui aussi très excité de son plaisir.

Une fois qu'elle s'assoupit, il remonte et elle sent sur ses cuisses son membre dur et elle sait que son plaisir n'est pas terminé. Elle est si mouillée qu'il peu se glisser en elle très profondémment et il ne bouge plus.
Il demeure en elle bien au fond et il est maintenant placé pour l'emmbrasser à nouveau. Il glisse sa langue dans sa bouche puis il se ferme la bouche et il la laisse lui lécher le contour de la bouche et elle réalise qu'elle est en train de lécher son merveilleux jus de chatte et elle est excitée. Elle bouge son bassin pour sentir son pénis bien au fond d'elle et pour l'inciter à le fiare bouger. Il se retire lentement et il commence à la fourrer à fond, lentement, lentement, lentement en continunant de l'embrasser avec la langue au fond de sa bouche.
Puis il se relève pour la regarder dans les yeux et elle comprend qu'elle va se faire fourrer à fond. Il l'enfonce et se retire de grands coups bien àa fond de plus en plus rapidement. elle le sent excité et elle pense qu'il va venir mais il continue et continue et continue de la planter à fond.

Il se penche vers son oreille et lui dit doucement: '' Tu veux y goûter?'' et elle hoche la tête en signe de OUIIII!
Il continue donc de la planter à fond et au moment d'éclater, il se retire pour se monter vers sa bouche et il éclate un peu sur son visage avant de s'enfoncer dans sa gorge pour continuer de s'éclater.

Elle s'étouffe presque mais suce à fond et avale le sperme chaud qu'elle à dans la bouche et la gorge.

Elle continue de la sucer lentement et il prend la goûte de sperme qu'elle a sur la joue pour la glisser sur le bord de son pénis afin qu'elle puisse aussi le sucer et l'avaler.

Il sait que la salope et prête pour le reste de la soirée....

Et ce n'est que le début... suite à venir ce soir....


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A night with the BlaqueKing Part 2 ;)
Publié :17/9/2015 5h51
Dernière mise à jour :3/11/2016 11h40
14706 vues
I tug at the leash twice and you immediately get on your knees. I lead you to the side of the bed, tug the leash again and you stand. I tell you to open the lingerie box and you find a black thong, matching bra and fishnet stockings. You know to hand them to me so I can dress you. Before I put on the stockings I lick, kiss and suck your legs, toes and the soles of your feet - relishing and indulging my fetish. I rub your feet over my cock and smile. I pull the thong over your beautiful legs and smile with pleasure as I see how it features your gorgeous ass. I bend you over so I can see your Pussy lips and perfect asshole on display. I slip the bra over your bountiful breasts and turn you to face me. I kiss you deeply, hungrily, passionately. I feel your body shiver and I know your Pussy and ass is ready for the final act. I sit you down at the foot of the bed and open the box containing your shoes for the evening. As I slide them on you can see my cock is now so hard it is bouncing up and down...begging for your mouth.

I place the Collar around your neck. The letter 'D' is embedded in silver on the smooth black leather. I place the blindfold over your eyes, tug the leash twice and you immediately get on your knees now and put you on your knees. I walk you around the room. You know to 'feel' my gait and to stay by my side. Each time you lose your way, the collar tightens and you find your way Home.

I sit you on the bed again and tell you to spread your legs. The next thing you feel is the sting of the rider's crop on the insides of your thighs, your Pussy lips and your clit...teasing...preparing...I'm now concentrating on your clit and Pussy lips...gliding the leather over the material of the thong then the cracking of the leather...your Pussy is dripping...and you know I know it.

Then Silence.

I sit and look at your sexy body for about two minutes...I want to make you wait longer but my cock is so hard I can't. The blindfold has heightened your senses and your pussy is getting even wetter anticipating my next move. You hear a familiar sound then you catch the scent of an orange. You know feel the juice as it flows over your neck, under the bra, over your breasts and nipples, down your stomach and onto your thong and pussy. I push my hard cock into your mouth as I continue squeezing the juice over your body. I grab your hair and fuck your mouth...hard. Your lips and tongue expertly work my balls and shaft and you feel me stiffening to the point I can grow no harder...I push hard one last time and you gag...I pull your head back and kiss you. I pick you up and toss you hard on the bed...on your stomach...ass up. I fasten your wrists and ankles to the bed and you know it is time. You smile. Before you can enjoy the moment I am pulling your thong to the side. My lust is so great I don't take the time to slip them off. You hear me open the lube and feel the coolness as it drips over and into your asshole. You feel my fingers sliding in to prep you. When you try to speak I tug the leash, pulling your head up. I tell you the only thing I want to hear is the sound of us fucking. I push my cock into your ass roughly...wanting it to jar you, to startle you...but it is me who is surprised...your beautiful asshole is so wet I slide right in but then so tight I know I will cum soon. I see you smile and I know it is not only because of the way my cock feels but also because you know your tight ass will soon tame my cock. I smile too but now I need to be satisfied. I pull your hair to bring your head back and begin pounding your ass. No half-strokes or teasing with just the tip then sliding back inside. I am fucking you deep, hard and ferociously. I release your hair, and put my hand on your throat...squeezing tightly. You feel how badly I want it. I'm using my other hand to spank your beautiful cheeks and they are now red. I need to not only fuck your ass, I need to take it and we are fucking like two animals. However, you are not just in 'receive mode', you are fucking me in return, arching your back and slamming your ass against me with each stroke. My sweat is dripping on your body and my balls are slapping against your ass. You love it. You hear my grunts and feel my cock driving deeper and deeper inside you with each stroke. I'm spreading your cheeks as I continue to punish your asshole with my cock for being so good and so addicting.sounds are your screams, my moans and the thunder claps from our bodies pounding against each other. You feel me getting to the point of no return and squeeze your ass muscles tightly. Now you have taken control. I pull out, jerk your head back with the collar and stand on the instinctively open your mouth and my cum floods into it and down your throat. I undo your restraints and remove the blindfold and we both collapse on the bed...smiling.

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A night with the BlaqueKing ;)
Publié :14/9/2015 18h18
Dernière mise à jour :15/9/2015 5h41
14681 vues
Setting the scene...
A barely lit room filled with the scent of vanilla, lavender and jasmine candles.
Sexy shoes, purchased just for you, at the foot of the bed.
A gift box with black thong panties, fishnet stockings and bra next to the shoes.
On the bed...fresh, cool, RED sheets and chocolate.
...and a blindfold, leash, wrist and ankle restraints and a rider's crop.
I'd start your night by leading you into the bathroom where you'd discover I'd already taken the time to get your bath water ready. Then I would bathe you...sponging you from pretty head to sexy toes with a nice fragrant, sea salt, lavender and coconut oil bath salts. I'd tell you to lay back, eyes closed, with your head on a pillow while I explored your beautiful body with my firm hands and the sponge...teasing every inch of your skin and tracing your artistic ink...teasing your nipples and the insides of your thighs and your sexy ass. Sometimes positioning you 'just right' and turning on the jets of the Jacuzzi to play with you... When your bath was complete, I'd take your hand and lead you out of the tub... I put your leash on your neck and lead you on all fours to the counter where a bottle of sweetly scented almond oil would be waiting for me to use - in front of a full-sized mirror. I stand you up and begin drying your beautiful body...slowly. I guide you in front of a full-sized mirror and position myself behind you. I warm the oil in my hands and begin to slowly stroke and guide my strong hands over your back. You look into the mirror and see my gaze is transfixed on your fantastic ass...and you smile. You know although I have a firm hand and can be demanding, your beauty and sexiness makes me weak. It also makes me can feel my hard cock pushing against you and try to reach behind me...which results in a firm rebuke by me pulling on your leash – you gasp, smile, then stand still. My hands reach around you and cup your breasts now, squeezing your nipples...pinching them...while at the same time my lips are on your neck....kissing you...then as they move to your ears you hear me whispering and telling you I will soon be receiving your Gift. You know I will be fucking your ass....My hands glide down your stomach than to your sides...I apply more oil and begin rubbing your arch your back and try to turn and feel a firm slap on your right cheek....then your left. You also feel my cock get even harder as it presses against now understand I am in no mood to play - but that I am in a mood to totally Take you...I grab your hair and pull your head back...I tell you I Need to Taste you and I Need your Scent. I push you roughly against the mirror and spread your feel the hard slap of my hand against your ass and know it means to spread your legs. You do. I kneel behind you and slide two fingers into your wet look into the mirror and watch me lick and suck your wetness from my fingers. I slide three fingers in now...and wipe them on my face and muscled chest. The palm of my hand strikes your ass again and you spread your legs even wider...I spread your cheeks and bury my tongue deep in your pussy. My tongue whips from your Pussy to your clit, savagely exploring and teasing...I wipe your sweet Pussy over my face...delighting in the wetness...relishing the look into the mirror again...between my cock is rock hear my breathing getting faster and see me rise up...and you know - and you're ready.

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Publié :3/9/2015 8h50
Dernière mise à jour :9/9/2015 7h26
14410 vues

ok you come to my house, my husband opens the door, and you say I am here to pick Valerie up...he looks shocked as he didn't know anything about it...I come up wearing a very tight fitting black dress with stockings and heels, no bra no panties...i tell him you are driving us wherever he we get in the car, you and me in the back we kiss and caress and playfully tease while we are taken to this party...i know I am your slut I arrive and see a house that has lots of cars....i come in and inside I see a bunch of people but you take me in the basement where I see a bunch of black guys, maybe 8 maybe 10, maybe 12 hard to tell it is dark, you get behind me, grab my body and neck kissing me passionately and tell me that tonight I am all of those black guys white I am pushed to my knees and suck all black cocks when not sucking I am stroking them...but soon enough hands are caressing me, playing with my pussy and ass, deep in my throat the big black cocks are fucking my mouth and I am gasping and moaning like a true bbc whore, as I feel some big black cock pushing past my pussy lips and shoving inch by inch inside and start to fuck me, I see you sitting and watching at first, directing the guys as to what you want them to do to me, I really can't keep up with cocks after cocks fuckin my mouth and pussy and then put where the black cocks now are fucking all my holes including my husband is there watching in shock but he knows he can't say anything as then I start to feel the guys just dump their big warm loads of cum deep inside my pussy, black cock after black cocks they use me as a cum dumpster in my pussy and making me beg for a black baby I can't help but beg it, I crave the big black cocks as the double penetration is relentless and I can't scream too loud as big black cocks are fucking my mouth softly, all the cocks unload in my pussy...
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Very Naughty dream I had...whoa!!! ;)
Publié :27/8/2015 9h44
Dernière mise à jour :19/10/2018 12h44
14318 vues

its very dark out and i have gone to the movies with a friend and we are walking through this really dark woods and you can hardly see anything its sooo dark, and we keep hearing voices and walking and ruffling leaves of people running around us and taunting us...all of a sudden they come out and grab all of us and tie my friends up and take them somewhere but leave me there all alone...

so i keep running and i am soo scared and nervous about where they took my friends and what they are doing to them and i am begging with them to let them go and that i would do they come out of nowhere and grab me and the head guy is like anything well we will see about that as he starts ripping my clothes....and i am begging with him not to and he keeps ripping them off as the others hold me down! there is 4 of them and they are laughing and taunting me telling i am going to prove what anything they rip all my clothes off and its sooo cold i am shivering and they start to fondle me, and i am begging for them to stop and the leader slaps me and says the more i beg the more i am going ot get it...i start crying as he puts me on
my knees and tells one of them to fuck the shit out of my mouth and choke me with his cum, so he undoes his pants and i am trying to get away but the other two hold me down and he shoves his dick in my mouth, i am scared but my pussy is getting wet
so he is fucking my mouth while choking my throat and i am looking at him with plea like please stop i can't breath and he just goes at it harder and rougher while choking me and he keeps fucking me it feels like hours and he just keeps fucking as i am hearing him moan louder and louder as then i feel his dick shoot the cum down my throat and i am chokin cuz there is sooo much cum, he keeps going so that every drop goes right down my throat, then he orders the other two to put me on all fours and just fuck my mouth and my pussy, so the pin me down and i am gasping for air and then one of them shoves their dick in my pussy so hard it hurts, as he pulls my hair back so my head is right position for the other to fuck my mouth and they laugh at me cuz they know my pussy is dripping
they take turns fucking my mouth and pussy and so hard and rough and the leader slaps my ass so hard i scream in pain, makeup running down my face with tears,
so they keep fucking me and fucking me my mouth and pussy, the one starts to cum all over my face, and the other cums inside me so much cum it starts dripping out of me as it comes down my legs, i am begging them to stop, and they just keep having their way with me the leader then grabs me and pushes me against a tree, and whispers in my ear that he is going ot show me what real pain is as he shoves his big hard did in my ass while choking so my screams are not as loud, and he pounds it so hard and rough i can feel it tearing, as i feel the cum drip out of me and the cum getting in my eyes as its buring, and he tells me to moan for him cuz he knows i am a slut and i like, he keeps calling me his slut and that he is going ot make me beg for it soon, and he keeps pounding me and i am begging for him to stop and he grabs my boobs very rough and starts fondling so rough and hard and tells one guy to suck on them as he fucks my ass so he starts sucking and biting my nipples and making them bleed it hurts but i am more in pain from him fucking my ass so hard and i just want him to cum so he stops and he keeps fucking and fucking it, feels like its hours have gone by and he is holding me up now cuz my legs are giving in from the pain he starts playing with my pussy as he fucks my ass and he can feel it dripping as he plays with it makes him pound my ass harder and he fucks it and pounds it and i feel it tear its bleeding making me scream louder, and he laughs and says no one can hear you slut, and he pounds me hard and yells at me to scream louder as it makes me him more turned on and i scream louder as it hurts sooo bad, then he cums in my ass and its gushing out of my ass mixing with the blood as he then shoves his dick down my throat to clean it off, then they shove me down on the ground and bring my friend who also have been and beaten...only thing was i liked it
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My next shoot
Publié :27/8/2015 9h31
Dernière mise à jour :7/3/2017 20h46
14230 vues

For my next shoot what would you like to see me dress in
Work out kit
Soccer kit
Bustier, stockings and heels
Punk look
superheroine ex Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn
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