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Publié :17/2/2019 13h30
Dernière mise à jour :18/2/2019 11h02
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Can I use points to make a standard member Gold?
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Publié :15/2/2019 11h33
Dernière mise à jour :17/2/2019 13h27
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Last night, approximately 11:30 pm I was watching Tv. The show was interrupted by police to broadcast a AMBER Alert. It was for a 11 year old girl, it was her 11th birthday and her father took her out for her birthday and he was supposed to be returned to her mother at a specific time. They didn't come back and the father messaged the mother that he was going to harm the daughter. Twenty minutes later the AMBER Alert was cancelled, the child was found. She was found dead.
So fucking sad!!! This poor child was with her father, the person who should protect her!!!
All of this is SICKENING. The following makes it WORSE
Police have received over 1800 phone calls, COMPLAINING about being woken because phones, tablets, tv's and most electronics going off with the AMBER Alert.
Holy hell!!! What if that was YOUR kid?!?! I will tell you, if one of my kids was missing I would wake the fucking world to find them!!!
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That's Far Too FAR For Me
Publié :11/2/2019 9h39
Dernière mise à jour :13/2/2019 9h01
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I didn't think much on here could surprise me anymore. We all have our likes and dislikes. We are all real people behind these keyboards. I try very, VERY hard to remember that. Some of the things that I see on this site makes me shake my head and move on, most things aren't even worth mentioning because YOU CANT FIX STUPIDITY.
Yesterday I posted a blog about my daughter"s bf asking if anyone knew how to help with dental pain until I could get him to the dentist today.
One of the men who answered has a profile pic showing his face with him sucking a pacifier!.
I saw his pic and honestly gagged. WTF?! That ( in my opinion) is a mental health issue. What type of woman would want to deal with a grown ass man who wants to act like a baby?!? 🤮
I watched a YouTube video of a man who was into acting like a baby, he wore diapers, drank from a bottle, whined and cried like a baby and it made me feel sick to the point that I shut it off.
It might be my problem, I HATE a man that doesn't act like a MAN!!!
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So This Is Happening..... Any Ideas Would Be Appreciated
Publié :10/2/2019 12h44
Dernière mise à jour :15/2/2019 10h26
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So my daughter's bf (dumbass) broke a molar this morning. The nerve is exposed. It's so painful he went to the hospital, they did nothing but told him to take tylenol and go to his dentist tomorrow.
He is currently laying on my bathroom floor screaming and crying hysterically.
Does anyone know how to get rid of some of the pain until I can get him seen by my dentist first thing in the morning? I hate the SOB BUT I'm feeling EXTREMELY bad for him
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Fuck The Super Bowl The PUPPY BOWL Has Started!!!
Publié :3/2/2019 12h18
Dernière mise à jour :9/2/2019 10h41
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Omg, the CUTENESS cant be denied!!!!!! They have sloths, hamsters, kangaroos AND PUPPIES!!!! So far I'm in love with a corgi puppy named Clara, however she seems to be having a problem keeping her body out of the water bowl!!
I LOVE the Puppy Bowl , nothing can ruin my mood today!!!😊😊😊
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Here Is Our Wall ;)
Publié :2/2/2019 17h02
Dernière mise à jour :3/2/2019 8h43
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Hey Trump, STAY ON YOUR SIDE!!! Everyone else is welcome!!!
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Publié :28/1/2019 12h46
Dernière mise à jour :1/2/2019 15h48
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I have a large sectional couch, it comes apart in 7 pieces. It's VERY heavy and VERY difficult to take apart and put back together again
Unfortunately I had a full coffee , with cream and that I just accidently dumped all over one of the seats and down inside the console.
Now I have to take 3 pieces of the couch apart to clean this fucking mess😭😭
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If You Need To Be Told
Publié :28/1/2019 10h00
Dernière mise à jour :1/2/2019 15h18
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Sometimes you just a pick me up 😊
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Me In A Nutshell lol
Publié :27/1/2019 14h56
Dernière mise à jour :1/2/2019 9h56
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Any animal will do! I like animals more then people!!

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Rrandon Stuff That Made Me Laugh
Publié :26/1/2019 18h40
Dernière mise à jour :28/1/2019 18h59
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Happy Friday😊

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My House Smells Of Warm Cinnamon And Sugar
Publié :24/1/2019 11h50
Dernière mise à jour :29/1/2019 8h19
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I just made apple crisp
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Sunday Night Fun
Publié :23/1/2019 18h25
Dernière mise à jour :26/1/2019 20h16
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Strummingfingers came by Sunday night.
We were in the kitchen getting coffee and I was rolling a joint. We were chatting and he came from behind me and started playing with my breasts while I was rolling , let's just say they weren't my best joints, I left teeth marks in the papers when I tried to lick them. Lol.
We moved to the couch, having a good conversation, laughing, smoking a joint.
Now to explain the title of this blog 🤣
After smoking a joint my mind tends to turn to sex, if strummingfingers is visiting, well, I tend to go for his cock👀👅
He was standing up for a minute, we hadn't started anything yet, and, without warning, I grabbed his belt and pulled him towards me. I was sitting so his cock was at eye level. I got his jeans open and off and started sucking his cock. It felt so good feeling his cock growing rock hard in my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth and started rubbing the head of his cock on my hard nipples. Then I slipped his cock between my tits and we tit fucked, he came all over my breasts. It felt Amazing!!
We took a break more great conversation, laughing and once again, in the middle of the conversation my mind wandered and I started stroking his cock. That wasn't enough for me I kneeled on pillows between his legs and started licking and sucking until he came in my mouth. He cock fits my mouth soooooo well!!
It's always so much FUN😉😉😉
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I've Never Heard Of These
Publié :21/1/2019 14h53
Dernière mise à jour :26/1/2019 17h47
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It's Japanese hamster bread
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