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I Am A Slut Hear Me Roar !!!
Publié :20/1/2017 12h10
Dernière mise à jour :15/11/2017 15h18
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This is a repost. I am in the works of making a new blog format and this is a piece I will be using..Happy Friday Everyone!!

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My Luscious Lips !!! ( PIC)
Publié :6/10/2016 14h15
Dernière mise à jour :12/11/2017 6h25
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My Luscious Lips...They need to be licked and sucked..any other ideas?? Hahaha..Happy Day Everyone!!!
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Happy Sunday CumDay Pics!!
Publié :12/11/2017 13h53
Dernière mise à jour :14/11/2017 16h18
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Hey Naughty Friends..
Here is a few random pics I have never shared with you. Which one do you like best? Happy Sunday Cumday Everyone!!

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Dear Veterans...
Publié :11/11/2017 17h14
Dernière mise à jour :15/11/2017 15h04
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Dear Veterans,
Thank you for having pride in our country. For fighting for our freedom. Sometimes we take that for granted. You sacrificed your life for strangers. Quite simply that is the most selfless herioc act, We should not just honor our veterans today but EVERYDAY!! I salute you. Thank you!!

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Which Brand New Pic Do You Prefer?
Publié :9/11/2017 7h10
Dernière mise à jour :15/11/2017 5h07
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Hey Naughty Friends.. Even though it is Thursday I am feeling pretty frisky! Happy Frisky Thursday to ya ! Which brand new shower pic do you prefer?

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Tease Me Tuesday Update And Pics!!
Publié :7/11/2017 12h41
Dernière mise à jour :14/11/2017 16h31
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Hey Naughty Friends, I just wanted to keep you updated and let you know I will not be that active in blogland this week. Tomorrow I am bringing my youngest son to Atlanta Georgia, On Thursday we go to Fort Benning to visit my middle son who is in the Army, It is Family Military Weekend and that is one of the reasons why I have not been participating in the blogs as much I had to get a third job to pay for this occasion. Everything is payed for. I am super excited and I am proud I was able to pull this off. Being a independent woman can rock at times LOL
I sincerely want to thank everyone who supported me by liking and commenting on my photo entries in the Hit Me With Your Best Shot Contest I did not make it to the finals but your love was the real prize. You really made me feel special. Thank you
Happy Tease Me Tuesday Naughty Friends xoxoxo

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Happy Sunday Fun Day Pics!!
Publié :5/11/2017 6h19
Dernière mise à jour :13/11/2017 9h54
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Happy Sunday Funday Naughty Friends!! Which pic do you like best?

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Revealing The Person Behind The Mask!!
Publié :3/11/2017 14h54
Dernière mise à jour :15/11/2017 4h53
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When I discovered exhibitionism I created my alter ego. A sensual woman who love to wear stockings and lingerie. Always has a polished face and ruby red lipstick. That is my trademark. She makes me feel pretty. Throughout my journey my goals has changed. I do not want to HAVE to wear the "mask" to feel beautiful. Afterall hotmamamm is just a character. She is not my reality. Below I posted a picture. All Natural. No make up. Unedited. I am just revealing who I really am with out my alter ego disguise Are you a fan of a natural woman ? xoxox Happy Friday to ya!!
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Tease Me Tuesday Pics...
Publié :31/10/2017 12h42
Dernière mise à jour :6/11/2017 16h51
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Good Day Naughty Friends!! Just having some bath time fun before I go to work!!! Which photo makes you want to join me in the tub? Happy Tease Me Tuesday To Ya!!

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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder!! PICS
Publié :30/10/2017 14h33
Dernière mise à jour :11/11/2017 17h42
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Being a exhibitionist you tend to get a lot of negativity. When you show your face you bring it to a whole another level. You are under a microscope and people judge your beauty, body and morals. In cam and blogland I have always been considered a bigger girl. Even though I am statistically a average woman, I have been told I should be ashamed to show my body and face because I am not what portrays a beautiful womanl. What I learned is perfection is usually fake anyway. , Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However I have confidence, a brilliant mind and I will never be ashamed of who I am. Self acceptance is a beautiful thing
Just my thoughts of the day!!

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My Juicy Peach!😈
Publié :28/10/2017 15h56
Dernière mise à jour :4/11/2017 17h52
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Need I say more? Happy Saturday to you naughty friends

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My New Photo Gallery!!!!
Publié :26/10/2017 13h40
Dernière mise à jour :30/10/2017 16h02
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My New Photo Gallery!! Thank you for partcipating everyone!! xoxox
Check out my earlier post,,[post 4038302]

Which month is your favorite?

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Which New Nipplelicious Pic Do You Prefer???
Publié :24/10/2017 8h27
Dernière mise à jour :1/11/2017 20h05
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Just dropping by to post my NEW Tuesday Pics!! I hope you find them nipplelicious and delicious. Happy Tease Me Tuesday Naughty Friends!! Which New nipplelicious picture do you prefer??

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