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I Am A Slut Hear Me Roar !!!
Publié :20/1/2017 12h10
Dernière mise à jour :23/9/2017 6h56
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This is a repost. I am in the works of making a new blog format and this is a piece I will be using..Happy Friday Everyone!!

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My Luscious Lips !!! ( PIC)
Publié :6/10/2016 14h15
Dernière mise à jour :26/8/2017 17h29
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My Luscious Lips...They need to be licked and sucked..any other ideas?? Hahaha..Happy Day Everyone!!!
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Too Hot For Panties !!
Publié :16/9/2017 14h34
Dernière mise à jour :20/9/2017 20h59
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Hey Naughty Friends!! This month is the On/Off Contest. I DID NOT enter however I did decide to share my creation with you. It is called " Too Hot For Panties" Happy Saturday Everyone!!

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My Weekend Raffle ......
Publié :15/9/2017 11h37
Dernière mise à jour :16/9/2017 14h33
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Hello Naughty Friends!! Welcome to my Weekend Raffle!!! This week I will be giving out 2 prizes for 2500 points. Do not confuse this with my monthly September raffle. If you have not signed up for that here is the link My September Raffle Winner recieves 15000 points from me To enter my weekend raffle leave a comment on this post below. Anyone qualifies. The deadline is Sunday the 17th at midnight. Good Luck To Ya!!!
My New Blog Format is almost complete!! Thank you to everyone who has commented on my Throwback Pictures which is helping me create my NEW
photo gallery I left the links below incase you would like to partcipate. I so appreciate your help. Next week I will be taking a week off to create my vision and bring my blog the next level..LOL I am so excited!!
Which Pic Do You Prefer
Which Breast Pic Do You Like Best
Happy Tease Me Tuesday Which ASS Pic Do You Prefer
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Which Pic Do You Prefer??
Publié :14/9/2017 10h37
Dernière mise à jour :22/9/2017 18h51
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Happy Thursday To Ya Naughty Friends!!
Have you partcipated in my other throwbacks to help me create my album??
Here are the links...
Which Shower Pic Do You Like Best
Which Breast Pic Do You Like Best
Which Breast Pic Do You Like Best
Happy Tease Me Tuesday Which ASS Pic Do You Prefer
Have you entered my current raffle here is the link
My September Raffle Winner recieves 15000 points from me

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Am I A Cheater ???
Publié :13/9/2017 15h12
Dernière mise à jour :20/9/2017 21h00
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Hello Naughty Friends!! Here is my question of the week! I have experience this scenario many of times being a member of this site. Being a exhibitionist I love to tease and please. By doing this I do tend to flirt, have conversations with sexual undertones, and have developed some friendships with the opposite sex. I have never been dishonest with who I am conversing with or my partner at the time. I am not misleading, Do not give out my personal email or phone number. We only communicate on here. However my history is my partner always wants me to change my hobby or considers this cheating? I am interested in what your view may be? Do you consider this a betrayal? Would it depend on the situation if your partner was honest or hide these activities? Would you consider it just a form of entertainment or would you feel more comfortable if your partner did not partcipate on a site like this at all? Afterall you are in a relationship..What are your thoughts?? xoxoxo

Did you see my earlier post Here is the link...Pleasantly Plump PICS
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Pleasantly Plump !! PICS
Publié :13/9/2017 7h01
Dernière mise à jour :20/9/2017 21h01
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Pleasantly Plump in all the right places!! Which view do you like best ? I hear it is Wednesday. That means we should get wet! Any suggestions?? Hehe.. Happy Day to ya naughty friends

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Tease Me Tuesday Pics!!
Publié :12/9/2017 13h49
Dernière mise à jour :16/9/2017 17h38
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Happy Tease Me Tuesday Naughty Friends !! Here is a little eye candy.. I hope you day is going well

Did you see my earlier post here is the linkBlogs Of Our Lives
Have you entered my NEW raffle here is the link My September Raffle Winner recieves 15000 points from me

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Blogs Of Our Lives !!!
Publié :12/9/2017 10h57
Dernière mise à jour :22/9/2017 14h08
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When I first entered blogland it was quite overwelming, People were contacting from right and left field. They all wanted me to be on their team. What I did not know in order for them to score they were going to sacrifice me. I learned the rules pretty quickly. Stones continuously thrown my way. It is if I am repeating high school. The blog ranking list is the cheerleading team.The typical mean girl wants to be prom queen. This analogy reminds me of a teenybopper movie that went all wrong. I can only speak for myself but I am to old to be cast for that role. How traumatic for a narcissist cyber troll. Who feels threatened by people they do not even know. Death threats, highjacks, multi profilles at that. Anything to be on top. That is a true fact. A typical day of Blogs of our lives. I am tired of being silent. I am going to stand up and fight. Why the dramatic prelude with the story that I tell? It is the only language they understand. I want them to hear my message well. I am not going anywhere no matter what you say. I am blowing you kisses..I hope you have a wonderful day

On the serious note here are my questions for you..
When you decide to view a blog does it have anything to do with the blog ranking list? Do you think the list is a positive or negative thing for blogland? Are you someone who views a blog if the title catches you eye or are there certian individuals that you just follow.? I am very curious what your answers may be. I am trying to prove the point that the list does not mean shit and that does not make you a queen. What is you opinion on this matter?? It is pretty silly isn't it.? Your Thoughts???
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Hot's Game Night!!
Publié :9/9/2017 16h02
Dernière mise à jour :14/9/2017 23h10
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Hey Naughty Friends!! Happy Weekend to ya!! It is a puurrfect evening for a game night! I find them fun as I can interact with you and get to know you better Music is very important to me. It can make me happy or to be honest it can help me through difficult times. Do you feel the same way about my statement? Also what would your answer be on the question below? I would choose Purple Rain by Prince. Afterall I am a Minnesota gal and he is one hell of a writer and guitarist ..aka...LEGEND!! I would love for you to play along!! Share xoxox

Have you entered my NEW raffle?? Here is the linkMy September Raffle Winner recieves 15000 points from me

Have you checked out fellow blogger JuggsyMalones Pic in the Sexy Labor Contest. Only 2 more days to vote. Let is help her get on top to show her she is appreciated!!

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Are You Feeling Frisky!!
Publié :8/9/2017 13h09
Dernière mise à jour :14/9/2017 12h28
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Um My first post has dissappeared. So I will repost this and add one more pic. It is Frisky Friday Afterall!!

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My September Raffle . Winner recieves 15000 points from me:)
Publié :8/9/2017 11h05
Dernière mise à jour :16/9/2017 14h32
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Which Shower Pic Do You Like Best?
Publié :7/9/2017 11h41
Dernière mise à jour :15/9/2017 13h42
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Hello Naughty Friends. It is Thursday but I am not thirsty however I am still wet Which pic do you like best? Thank you to everyone who has commented on my previous throwback pics. It is helping me create my new photo gallery, I appreciate your help!! xoxox

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