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25 Things About Me
Publié :14/1/2015 16h17
Dernière mise à jour :11/3/2018 19h35
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1. I am originally from SoCal. Moved to northern AZ in 1993.
2. I went to the same Jr. High and High Schools as Jan and Dean, and the same Jr. High as Marilyn Monroe.
3. I am an animal lover and hate people who abuse them.
4. My favorite sport to watch is NFL Football. JUST WIN BABY!
5. My father taught me to play poker when I was about 11.
6. The cat that allowed me to take him in is named Dude. I miss him very much.
7. I was in a commercial once, and in the title shots of a couple movies.
8. My favorite color is yellow - blue is a close second.
9. I don’t like bananas.
10. I love most Asian (Thai, Japanese, Indian) foods.
11. I love giving and receiving oral sex. It feels most intimate and when done well is very erotic.
12. I am a pretty good pool player.
13. I am a meat eater. I’ve been told that makes me a dinosaur, a T-rex.
14. I hate cheese amp; , but love pizza. Pizza Hut Meat Lovers, yum.
15. I gave up on having a cell phone in 2001. I’m been told that also makes me a dinosaur (a no Tech-Rex). But I had to get another in 2016.
16. When I raced in the SCCA I won a couple regional and divisional championships and was invited to the National Championship Runoffs 3 years in a row.
17. I dislike politics, politicians and liars. Oopps, the last two are the same.
18. I am a very good kisser. You are welcome to try and disprove this.
19. I love white water rafting. Paddle or Die! !
20. I am annoyingly good at naming that tune.
21. Regrets I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention.
22. I don’t do coffee (caffeine). So I’m a decaf dinosaur.
23. This one is none of your business, sorry.
24. I do not know how to tie a tie. Does this disqualify me from bondage?
25. That is all I am willing to mention on the inter/web/nets.
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Publié :27/2/2018 18h24
Dernière mise à jour :15/3/2018 14h56
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*An unfamiliar voice comes on the air at KOBJ radio*
We interrupt our program, the dulcet tones of DJ BJ on KOBJ, to bring you a News Flash! Breaking News! Shocking Development!

Now to our intrepid reporter, Red McRascalton, on the scene.

Why is it whenever you guys have breaking news you call me while I’m on throne at Shorty’s Bar. Aw geez, forget that shit. Where is that rambling Lala chick that always does my lead-ins?
*faint sound of a reply in the background*
She went on a smoke break an hour ago . . . really? Is that what she told you? Odds are she’s on her knees smoking the station manager like he was a pack of Marlboro.

Alright enough of this BS what is the story?
*faint sound of a reply in the background*Uh huh, yeah, today, right.
You know this isn’t news don’t you? Everybody knows this it is not shocking. This is more like a hot flash while breaking wind.

* sound of an angry reply in the background*
Alright! OK! FINE! Just turn on my mic. What do you mean it has been on?
*mutters under his breath . . . putz*

We have news here to break at KOBJ radio. One of your favorite on air personalities has something to celebrate. Nooo, she’s not knocked up again folks.
. . . pregnant pause . . .
It is her birthday. By the way that makes her a Pisces. Oh yeah the blogger is a her in case I haven’t mentioned that yet.

OK, so I guess we should all give the clap to the forked tongued lady of the airways . . .

Happy Birthday BiggLala
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What Is This?
Publié :20/2/2018 15h52
Dernière mise à jour :19/3/2018 6h15
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As some of you may have read in my prior posts, like HNW Tools , I am a tool guy and I am also on a “tool porn” site. It’s a site where guys, mostly, discuss tools (new, old, good, bad, but not the flesh type) and the projects (cars, homes, etc.) they are working on. Some guys are just tool collectors and don’t really use them much. They keep them shiny clean; they’re called “tool polishers” which is essentially the equivalent of masturbating here. They also bitch about things – you know, kinda like here.

Occasionally someone asks “What is this tool?” and posts up a pic of the tool in question. Earlier today a guy posted a ‘what is this’ with the picture below that brought this site to mind. I thought of this site because a few guys thought it may be some sort of antique nipple clamp. So I figured I would go to the experts on such things.

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Poetic Justice: Would You Like That Poached or Raw?
Publié :16/2/2018 6h15
Dernière mise à jour :12/3/2018 6h55
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As some of my longer time readers may know I am an animal lover. For my more recent readers here is a past example: Poetic Justice Cecil the Lion. So, when a story about payback appears I’ll . . . gobble it up.

As Mr. Serling might have said “Submitted for your approval, one Mr. Poacher . . . on time for his meeting with fate, his meeting with his pray and with his comeuppance”.

A suspected poacher has been mauled to death by lions in South Africa. Local police said little was left of the man’s body—except his head—after the attack close to the Kruger National Park, in a private game park. “It seems the victim was poaching in the game park when he was attacked and killed by lions. They ate his body, nearly all of it, and just left his head and some remains,” a Limpopo police spokesman told AFP. The police added that a loaded hunting rifle was found near the body when it was discovered on Saturday morning. Police are still trying to identify the victim.

Eat well lions, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” FWIW, I do not consider this guy a “victim” and frankly, I hope he saw and felt every delicious bite.

Lion’s version of a mic drop.

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Happy Valentines Day to . . .
Publié :14/2/2018 5h37
Dernière mise à jour :18/2/2018 16h04
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Cleaning The Anti-Social Media Toilet
Publié :12/2/2018 12h00
Dernière mise à jour :26/2/2018 15h32
13986 vues

Read this about a corporation – Unilever – that says it is going to start pulling its ads from (anti)social media sites like FB and YouTube if they don’t start to clean up their content. Referring to; hateful, offensive and derogatory content, fake news, fraud, etc, etc.

While I’m no fan of the corporatizing of the US social media is IMO a steaming shit pile and is a significant part of the divisiveness problems we are experiencing.

Since links don’t work here go to the site “TechCrunch” and the article named “Unilever warns social media to clean up "toxic" content”.

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NO ! ! ! england Baby
Publié :4/2/2018 20h11
Dernière mise à jour :12/2/2018 7h13
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The Football gods are on the job.

The Cheatin patsies got TUCKED.

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NFL Superbowl 52 Pick
Publié :4/2/2018 12h14
Dernière mise à jour :12/2/2018 7h12
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This is it – the big game – the Superbowl.
Philly (15-3) vs. New England (15-3) – NE is favored by about 5 points. Weather is not a factor – IMO it’s a good thing to have the biggest game of the season indoors. Overall this seems like a good matchup.

I do not like the patsies (cheaters suck), but they do win. They seem to come up with very good game plans for each opponent. If I had money on it I would consider going patsies.

The Eagles are good in all phases of the game. But the big question is can Foles get them past a very good team.

Everything seems to favor the patsies, but my gut says Eagles. They seem to have a destiny thing going. I’m giving the patsies the bird. Eagles

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Give It Up For . . .
Publié :27/1/2018 14h09
Dernière mise à jour :27/2/2018 16h24
18572 vues

Oh wait, I don’t mean give up sex or some insane notion like that . . . oh hell no.

What I mean is give respect and props because it is the BIRTHDAY of . . .

Well, wait, just to be clear it was just recently the BIRTHDAY of a blogger who has been here quite a while.

Uhmmm . . . to be clear I’m not suggesting this blogger is old since ya know I’m kinda . . . old and older than this blogger.

I mean, I spaced on this birthday – bad RedRock – but it’s not a dementia thing cause I’m not THAT old.

Anyways, where was I? . . . Oh yeah, recently there was a blogger’s birthday. Uhmmm . . . but I don’t know exactly which day, but within the last week.

By the way that makes her an Aquarius. Oh yeah the blogger is a her in case I haven’t mentioned that yet.

OK, so I guess we should all Give It Up For the lovely lady blogger who goes by the name . . .

Hey I’ve got a picture here; ya know a picture is worth a thousand words.

Happy Birthday Kinkyfem
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NFL Conference Championship Game Picks
Publié :21/1/2018 8h51
Dernière mise à jour :4/2/2018 10h42
19652 vues

Jacksonville Jaguars at New England patsies: patsies at home as long as Brady stays in the game

Minnesoooda Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles: Vikings potentially very close game. I would prefer the winner to be able to whoop the patsies in the SB.

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NFL Divisional Playoff Game Picks
Publié :13/1/2018 8h10
Dernière mise à jour :28/1/2018 17h59
22528 vues

1 out of 4
Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles: Falcons

Tennessee Titans at New England patsies: patsies at home

Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers at home

New Orleans Saints at Minnesoooda Vikings: Saints at dome

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NFL Wild Card Playoff Game Picks
Publié :6/1/2018 15h13
Dernière mise à jour :15/1/2018 20h22
23209 vues

2 out of 4
Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs: Chiefs
(oooppps - kinda late with this - but it is the obvious choice)

Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams: Rams

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars: Jaguars

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints: Saints
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