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25 Things About Me
Publié :14/1/2015 16h17
Dernière mise à jour :30/8/2018 9h43
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1. I am originally from SoCal. Moved to northern AZ in 1993.
2. I went to the same Jr. High and High Schools as Jan and Dean, and the same Jr. High as Marilyn Monroe.
3. I am an animal lover and hate people who abuse them.
4. My favorite sport to watch is NFL Football. JUST WIN BABY!
5. My father taught me to play poker when I was about 11.
6. The cat that allowed me to take him in is named Dude. I miss him very much.
7. I was in a commercial once, and in the title shots of a couple movies.
8. My favorite color is yellow - blue is a close second.
9. I don’t like bananas.
10. I love most Asian (Thai, Japanese, Indian) foods.
11. I love giving and receiving oral sex. It feels most intimate and when done well is very erotic.
12. I am a pretty good pool player.
13. I am a meat eater. I’ve been told that makes me a dinosaur, a T-rex.
14. I hate cheese amp; , but love pizza. Pizza Hut Meat Lovers, yum.
15. I gave up on having a cell phone in 2001. I’m been told that also makes me a dinosaur (a no Tech-Rex). But I had to get another in 2016.
16. When I raced in the SCCA I won a couple regional and divisional championships and was invited to the National Championship Runoffs 3 years in a row.
17. I dislike politics, politicians and liars. Oopps, the last two are the same.
18. I am a very good kisser. You are welcome to try and disprove this.
19. I love white water rafting. Paddle or Die! !
20. I am annoyingly good at naming that tune.
21. Regrets I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention.
22. I don’t do coffee (caffeine). So I’m a decaf dinosaur.
23. This one is none of your business, sorry.
24. I do not know how to tie a tie. Does this disqualify me from bondage?
25. That is all I am willing to mention on the inter/web/nets.
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NFL Game Picks – Week 2
Publié :16/9/2018 8h50
Dernière mise à jour :17/9/2018 7h05
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Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals: Close game Ravens

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons: Falcons at home
Cleveland Browns at N’Awleans Saints: Saints at home
Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans: Texans
Indianapolis Colts at Washington: WSH at home
KC Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers IF Ben plays
LA Chargers at Buffalo Bills: Chargers
Miami Dolphins at NY Jets: Jets at home
Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers: Vikings
Philadelphia Eagles at TB Buccaneers: Eagles

Arizona Cardinals at LA Rams: Rams at home
Detroit Lions at San Fran 49ers: 49ers at home – OK T?
New England patsies at Jacksonville Jaguars: patsies
Oakland Raiders at Denver donkeys: donkeys at home

NY Giants at Dallas cowturds: Giants

Seattle Seahawks at Da Bears: Bears at home

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End Of Summer :(
Publié :14/9/2018 19h23
Dernière mise à jour :17/9/2018 15h34
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In Prescott AZ, which is near me, once a month on summer Friday nights there is a car Cruise In. I generally don't go because the cruising car I currently have, a 1955 Ford Customline, isn't ready yet. It's an hour drive and the ole girl needs more hands on lovin. It is also what my dad drove me and the neighborhood kids to school in.

Tonight is the last one for this year and for Cruise Nights and a local radio station broadcasts from the cruise and they play tunes from the 50s and 60s. Many of the songs we really don't get to hear otherwise around here - they usually play songs from the 70s - 90s. It is heavy on Cruisin songs like: Lil Deuce Coupe, Little GTO, Hot Rod Lincoln, and others like Booker T and the MGs – Green Onions, Poison Ivy – The Coasters, and Chris Montez – Let’s Dance.

There is always one of the few songs I would ever dare to karaoke – “Mack the Knife” – I can do a pretty good Bobby Darin. One of the few songs I liked and my parents liked.

I cruised Van Nuys Blvd back in the 70s when I had my 1964 Impala SS – it had been my grandfather’s car. Within the first hour of getting it I had my first of many speeding tickets. Within the first month I had a new engine (a Traco Engineering 327 with an Offenhauser 3x2 intake) in it and I had lightened it by 700 pounds. For Cruise Night I would mix 5 gallons of Av Gas with 5 of 76 Premium. Outwardly it looked pretty much stock and I would choose off Camaros for $100 a run. They thought I was just an old stock heavy grandpa’s car. Heh, heh, heh.

We would take my winnings and eat at the Bob’s Big Boy Drive In (gone now) and listened to the one and only Wolfman Jack back then.

After the cruise my g/f and I would drive up to Mulholland Dr. and “watch the submarine races”. Them was the good ole days.

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I Love Older Women Because . . .
Publié :13/9/2018 17h34
Dernière mise à jour :18/9/2018 6h21
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They know how and when to be confident and assertive

They keep up their looks really well - not bad for 64 eh?

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NFL Week 2 Thursday Pick
Publié :13/9/2018 7h57
Dernière mise à jour :14/9/2018 11h46
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Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals: Close game could go either way Ravens
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NFL Week 1 Monday Night Football Picks
Publié :10/9/2018 14h12
Dernière mise à jour :11/9/2018 18h12
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So far I got 9 of 13 games right this week (I don’t count ties either way). My pick below should be RAIDERS Baby but the K Mack trade has me starting to doubt.

I was going RAIDERS but changed it – and I may change it again before the game.

NY Jets @ Detroit Lions – Lions at home
LA Rams @ Oakland Raiders – Rams

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NFL Game Picks – Week 1
Publié :9/9/2018 7h02
Dernière mise à jour :10/9/2018 10h54
531 vues


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns – Steelers TIE
Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts – Bengals
Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins – Titans
San Fran 49ers @ Minnesoooda Vikings – Vikings at home eh, Sorry T.
Houston Texans @ New England Patriots – patsies at home
Tampa Buccaneers @ Nawww leans Saints – Saints at home
Jacksonville Jaguars @ NY Giants – Jaguars
Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens – Ravens at home

Kansas City Chiefs @ LA Chargers – Chargers at home
Seattle Seahawks @ Denver donkeys – donkeys at home, Sorry Seagrl
Washington @ Arizona Cardinals – Washington
Dallas cowturds @ Carolina Panthers – Panthers at home

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers – Packers at home

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Burt Reynolds - RIP
Publié :6/9/2018 12h11
Dernière mise à jour :11/9/2018 10h42
693 vues

I always thought he was very entertaining but not necessarily everyone's cup of tea.
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NFL Week 1 Thursday Pick
Publié :6/9/2018 7h30
Dernière mise à jour :9/9/2018 6h53
635 vues

Just Football BABY ! ! !

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles – Falcons

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Fan Thing Working Or?
Publié :28/8/2018 10h17
Dernière mise à jour :29/8/2018 16h14
956 vues

A quick question for y'all. I tried to get on to a couple women's fan lists so I might contact them and when I click to submit the points . . . nada. Has anyone else experienced this recently?
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Magazine MiA - For SiteSupport
Publié :8/8/2018 6h10
Dernière mise à jour :29/8/2018 10h20
1718 vues

I'm again posting for the sitesupport people to see. On my prior post one response, from wd40w mentioned the Magazine is MiA - see screen print below.

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Missing Comments and Watched Blogs - For SiteSupport
Publié :7/8/2018 13h23
Dernière mise à jour :18/9/2018 6h42
1962 vues

I'm posting this for the sitesupport people to see. The Missing Comments and Followed Posts going to 0 (zero) has happened again. So what's up guys?

When I contacted them on 8/1 it cleared up within a few hours so they could not see it. These are screen prints of the problem.

Below is my Watched Blogs list, there were about 6 profiles I had listed - note that as of this pic they were gone. I did not delete them.

Below is one of my posts. The number of comments was the same as the number of "Comments" which should be 64, same as the "Pending" number - it is not, it is now 0 (zero). I did not delete them.

Below is my "Comments By Others" page. On my main blog page it shows I have over 6000. But the page is blank, zero, ziltch, nyet, NADA.

UPDATE: I posted the problem on the SiteSupport Blog and their comments are MiA see below

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