Kissing after Oral  

Kissing after Oral

Does it matter to you... your personal point of view
Don't care - if both are enjoying each other
Like to share
Only if it leads to intercourse

sportandcelebaol 59H
24 messages
9/7/2018 8h39

Hmmmm...more on who and why...than what

shogun_269u_II 56H
33 messages
9/7/2018 9h18

Luv luv luv having a woman give me a deep long kiss after she has let me cum in her mouth! Sadly not happening right now but in the past always luvd sharing!

bifun50 68H  
190 messages
9/7/2018 9h33

Anything both are enjoying is wonderful

justskin1 66H
10599 messages
9/7/2018 10h17

Love to kiss after I have given her or she gives me oral. Especially good after fucking her good so our cream is well mixed and I can lick it up. Scoop some of that glorious mix onto my tongue and share a deep kiss.
Love to have her "deglaze" my cock after a vigorous fucking too.

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

Che6t9 51H  
20 messages
9/7/2018 11h30

Its incredibly intimate.

scooterdude88c 53H  
34 messages
9/7/2018 17h34

I have been licking my own cum out of my hand for some time now so if the person be it be male or female I always welcome a hot kiss afterwards especially if they share the rewards

eager4unow 61H  
1427 messages
10/7/2018 8h53

I enjoy kissing before and after giving/receiving oral sex...

albl8888 47H  
647 messages
10/7/2018 10h30

mmmm love it

allnitelong2063 54H
79 messages
10/7/2018 12h51

oh yes I love to eat my cum out of her pussy and then kiss! sharing is caring!

cumboi65 66H  
912 messages
10/7/2018 19h17

I you both enjoy it, why not?

uncutluv69 62H
47 messages
12/7/2018 8h21

Mostly yes. Especially after 69. really the hottest if you cum in each other's mouth then kiss, mix, and swap the cum back and forth. I find that super hot with both men and women. In fact, the only time I kiss other men is if cum in involved.

TravlinBi 68H  
11 messages
13/7/2018 8h40

A kiss or two after is welcome and I think it would be rude if you didn't.

Subfantasy67 51H
38 messages
13/7/2018 22h40

I agree with Travlinbi. It's just rude not to.

"You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

Pleasure_giverTX 59H  
2 messages
14/7/2018 9h51

In my experience girls a re very timid about kissing after and I try to encourage them to kiss me with their mouth still full. It is sexual and hot to trade it.

sportandcelebaol 59H
24 messages
15/7/2018 11h59

Thanks for the votes....pretty strong...yes it is the best!

Gentlegent21 45H
19 messages
16/7/2018 8h34

Absolutely hot watching her taste herself

sportandcelebaol replies on 16/7/2018 12h26:
I agree....really turns my crank back on if you will

only_lurking 53H  
30 messages
16/7/2018 19h28

So far, it looks like the guys love it. No female responses? No matter. I already know some like it and some don't.

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