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Shopping delights
Publié :12/11/2017 21h49
Dernière mise à jour :14/11/2017 12h17
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After finding some early black friday sales, my truck is full of stuff to take to the farm. The farm house got neglected for a few years. So now ..a few new things to spruce up the farm house a little. Nothing can be as good as new paint and new floors..but that might have to wait for another year or two.
Its always exciting to get new stuff.
Are you taking advantage of the sales?
Gentle hugs for you
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Canada Remembers
Publié :11/11/2017 11h07
Dernière mise à jour :12/11/2017 21h34
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This is a solemn day across Canada today, Remembering that others have given their lives ..their bodies, and their hearts and souls to give the rest of us freedom, peace, and liberty.

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In Remembrance
Publié :11/11/2017 10h49
Dernière mise à jour :11/11/2017 16h13
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In Canada we remember November 11th ..
A day to wear a poppy and remember those that fought for and are presently fighting for our freedom.

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clothes shrink sometimes...
Publié :9/11/2017 18h07
Dernière mise à jour :10/11/2017 22h35
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I think her costume shrunk..
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It's ski season again...
Publié :9/11/2017 17h58
Dernière mise à jour :10/11/2017 13h51
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I don't ski.. do you??
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Trying to control myself..
Publié :9/11/2017 17h41
Dernière mise à jour :11/11/2017 10h43
891 vues
It isnt easy...
You know.. if you are really turned on.. It's hard to behave...

but in other ways too...
Like if someone gets on your nerves... It's hard to not be rude back to them.
Or if someone says they will do something for you.. and they don't...
Over ..
and over..
And over again.. they just don't do what they said they would..
or when someone rages at you.. it's hard to not rage back at them..
Or when someone spends all their money and expects you to pay for their expense... ya.. it makes me upset.. and I have to control what I say..

But lately...I just have been hornier than a horny toad..
I tried to write some other blogs.. but they poofed for some reason..
Guess I was still sick when I tried to write them.. and accidentally caused them to disappear..
If a tall dark handsome guy, were to come visit me .. I'd be grateful..
Very very grateful..
I don't feel sick anymore.. ..Time for jiggy jiggy bush bush.. or bush and no bush..
lol.. whatever...
gentle hugs to you..
Are you able to always control yourself?
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I'm not dead
Publié :3/11/2017 22h06
Dernière mise à jour :4/11/2017 22h33
1446 vues
I am still coughing and blowing my nose.
No sneezing, so I guess that is progress.
Its weird how there is a kind of tickle in my chest, or bronchial tubes. Cant

Oh look..I laughed..that is also progress.
Word to the wise..go get your flu shot.
I seriously mean get your butt in gear and get the flu shot.
Dont be moaning and groaning if you get this flu.
I did warn you!

In other news
Daughter in law is headed 8 hours or so north to see her family.
She is taking tbe 3 month old baby with her
And her brother.
We persuaded her to stay here today and not venture out into the blizzard that had higways closed and all manner i
Of vehicles vehicles in the ditch.
Life is excitin at times.
Chat at you later..k
And what is this "fan" stuff
Gentle hugs
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Publié :29/10/2017 21h36
Dernière mise à jour :3/11/2017 21h55
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Its almost halloween.
Daughter has a great cat costume.
I will probably stay home with my box of tissues and she can give out candy. Its hard to be cheerful when I am constantly blowing my nose, sneezing, and coughing. Im not sure if this is the dreaded flu or just a really nasty cold.
Anyways, i took Ny_quill tonight, finally, because I really need some sleep.
Drinking water, taking vitamins, and resting is all I can do now.
And taking my tissue box every where.and constantly washing my hands.
No hugs today.
You're welcome!
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The guys brought it today
Publié :27/10/2017 21h46
Dernière mise à jour :28/10/2017 22h41
1829 vues upright freezer
Ftom their truck...
Through the garage...
Up 8 stairs..
They also too my refrigerator...
Down 8 stairs and out to the garage.
They earned their 40 bucks..
I think a chiropractor costs more than that.
For sure, a physiotherapist costs more..
More like 70 bucks for one visit.
Tall..dark..but not good looking.. the moving guy.
People underestimate the value of looking after their teeth.
Plus,he smelled like alcohol.
The truck they drove was the size of a mover's..
Ie huge.. guess they werent too drunk if they drove it.
No harm done to the freezer..
Ive never had an upright freezer so i guess it is a new adventure.
Have you ever had a female mover?
You move furniture...

Gentle hugs from me.
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Publié :25/10/2017 21h57
Dernière mise à jour :26/10/2017 20h53
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I have a sore throat and cough..etc.
Didn't have a chance to get my flu shot yet.
I think it is worth the sore arm.
They say it will help prevent catching the strongest and worst flu virus yet.
I have been getting the flu shot every year about this time. It helps that the pharmacist is so gosh darn good looking.
He just started working there, and I was in a happy mood so I smiled at him. He didn't smile back but I think he felt bad about
So when I went to get my meds, he gave me the nicest smile..
Then I had to give him my profile..and tell him all the pills I take...mostly non prescription.. I was embarrassed to be less than 3 feet from him. Silly me. I am like 25 years older than that good looking scallywag ..
That was my adventure last time. I wonder if he will be there again, or if he was taking someone's place temporarily.
Oh well.. lol
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Fantastic sunset
Publié :24/10/2017 22h53
Dernière mise à jour :25/10/2017 21h42
2283 vues
Tonight we had the most amazing sunset.
What's the saying?
Red sky at morning
Sailors take warning.
Red sky at night
Sailors delight.

I live on the prairies but we still use this saying.
So I am hoping for a great day tomorrow.
We have had way too much wind this fall.
Time for a nice day with no wind.

I was wishing for a sexy, handsome, tall, dark, good-looking guy to watch the sunset with, but no such luck..
Gentle hugs for you.
Stay well..
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Publié :22/10/2017 23h09
Dernière mise à jour :25/10/2017 14h58
2543 vues
My kids make me crazy!!
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