Best time for sex?  

utfrangrl 44F  
11062 messages
8/8/2018 10h27
Best time for sex?

Which is the best time for having sex for you? Vote for one below and feel free to share a reply to.
Whenever the time allows.

thinkingofyou12 61H
1257 messages
8/8/2018 10h44

I have a flexible schedule

Cc3bb3 36H
18 messages
8/8/2018 11h03

Mmm love morning sex

oraljim201 69H
1206 messages
8/8/2018 11h06

All the time

jackdestin8 40H
29 messages
8/8/2018 11h25

I will have sex every chance I get

bitchkitty2017 65F  
199 messages
8/8/2018 11h27

maybe best time is when your inner clock wants to be fulfilled with the prospect of having the pitter and patter of little feet running around...I hear its the best time and the busiest time because when the inner clock is ticking it doesn't matter morning noon or night weekends ..whatever your man gonna get him some then because it will all stop when shes knocked up ..guys grab it when you ha ha ha

FreddiesFling 55H
3705 messages
8/8/2018 13h26

My ex was into morning sex... and I will agree it is a great way to start the day but it was the only time she liked sex... I'm more open to sexy fun anytime it happens!!

You can visit my blog here FreddiesFling!

biJuliegirl 35F  
792 messages
8/8/2018 16h02

I would have sex everyday if I could. However for me it is whenever I can.

Leegs2012 45H
32206 messages
8/8/2018 16h08

Any time!!!!!

luvgluv19 69H
214 messages
8/8/2018 16h46

If you try to set a specific time it can be stressful for some thin g to be enjoyed

subson4dadd 33H
13 messages
8/8/2018 17h41

whenever and wherever...!!!

14sumfun69 49H
26 messages
8/8/2018 18h12

They missed option 7. All Day..!!!!

matureuncut1952 66H  
7 messages
8/8/2018 18h23

Have high "T" in the mornings, love those morning hard on's.

Yoursideguy76 41H
77 messages
9/8/2018 1h26

Middle of the night, the spur of the moment, outside is a very happy time for me
AND if she pregnant that’s not stopping anything
And if there are kids, that’s not stopping anything either
Somebody made a comment earlier to the contrary.
I just had to say WOW! And NOT!
Maybe a several decades ago that was a reality?

Forceisinyou 37H
18 messages
9/8/2018 3h15

Time doesn’t matter. I’d love it as soon as you wake up all day and all night till the both of you fall asleep

allnitelong2063 54H
87 messages
9/8/2018 5h59


undercover_bi469 53H  
164 messages
9/8/2018 6h35

Have it whenever you can. There is no such thing as a bad time to have sex. Never say NO.

bullinpgh 33H
16 messages
9/8/2018 12h08

Middle of the night

howdydoodyXLII 47H
16 messages
9/8/2018 12h26

I made a poll similar to this one about when are you the horniest. Not many views/votes on mine though

Donald77 64H
20 messages
9/8/2018 14h11

When I was married it was almost every night at bed time. Love it in the morning when she was still wet from the night before. Use to squeeze some day time sex in too when we got a chance. The ex was very accommodating,I don't know witch one of us had the higher sex drive. We always had seconds after coming home from a threesome of foursome.

XHamburgDave 74H  
4776 messages
9/8/2018 14h28

Any time, any where I still can't get enough

mattishard34 34H
8 messages
9/8/2018 15h49

any time is the best time baby

olderboy48 68H  
28 messages
9/8/2018 21h47

The time is unimportant. Its the act itself that is important.

craverofsex66 51H
43 messages
9/8/2018 23h08

i wake early and you must take advantage of it

cumboi65 66H  
932 messages
10/8/2018 2h16

Whenever he's available.

_IKanCu2_ 99H
83 messages
10/8/2018 6h37

Whenever Time Allow*z.
][n it*z Ti(\/)e is the Right Ti(\/)e.


Tkjl569 49H
61 messages
10/8/2018 9h42

I wont have sex playing golf

eager4unow 61H  
1446 messages
10/8/2018 12h36

Any time is good with me but I'm partial to bedtime. I can sleep better when I have sex right before bedtime....

1025mws 54H  
604 messages
10/8/2018 12h47

anytime is good for sex. There is no time that is not good for sex.. I would have sex all the time if I could.

brow690 53H
259 messages
10/8/2018 17h51

nothings better than a great morning poke, but lets face it, when your horny as hell anytime is sex time!

MrDaddyThickDick 43H
5 messages
10/8/2018 21h07

flexible like my dick

1234tomtom1234 52H
11 messages
11/8/2018 9h56

If you mean sex all weekend, I'll take weekends. Of course if you mean sex every morning I'll take mornings..... I think you see where I am going with this.

CharmingAsianCY 37H
37 messages
12/8/2018 15h01

From CharmingAsianCY:

I say evening because most people will be sleeping, and we can really have some fun in doing something sexy.

It's also the best time to donate my sperm using natural insemination (having sex) so long as we do it with discretion. How wonderful it'll be to help a woman have children using sex so my sperms can meet with her egg. She'll thank me for my contribution.

Lostincarlsbad 57H
23 messages
12/8/2018 23h06

No such thing as a bad time for sex LOL

Milon2050 22H
62 messages
13/8/2018 5h42

at any time
any place
i love sex

ddraig73 46H
13 messages
13/8/2018 6h58

morning sex is great

needsfun9988 49H
66 messages
14/8/2018 20h28

anytime i guess, but if given the choice i'd pick morning sex to start the day off right!!

IamBeerrun 44H
8 messages
15/8/2018 5h26

Is there a bad time?


SxyHungFarmer69 43H
28 messages
17/8/2018 8h33

I want and need it all the time

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