Vote in my favorite up skirt view poll.  

utfrangrl 44F  
10853 messages
10/6/2018 11h58
Vote in my favorite up skirt view poll.

Vote here in my favorite up skirt view poll.
five up skirt views. Cast your vote for the one of the five you like the best. Feel free to share a comment to.
No. 1.
No. 2.
No. 3.
No. 4.
No. 5.

driveup43 62H
17 messages
10/6/2018 13h18

nice shot

Greyhawk47 48H
174 messages
10/6/2018 13h25

Have to say number 3 did it for me

Luvslurpnpu55y 41H
11 messages
10/6/2018 14h53

Nice post I like it alot

salmel02 51H/46F  
861 messages
10/6/2018 14h59

Number two gave me a big wet woody

helpfulstranger2 47H
35 messages
10/6/2018 15h24

great pics

oncearunner350 28H
13 messages
10/6/2018 16h02

3 all the way

girlyboy2018 63H
8 messages
10/6/2018 21h29

number one put a bulge in my panties

carrie cocksucker

bigdic4u2sucon 44H
14 messages
11/6/2018 4h10

Well it was close between 1 and 3. After a quick review number 3 is tbe winner

Scott52NixAtGM 52H
51 messages
11/6/2018 6h32

#1 got my vote

undercover_bi469 63H  
108 messages
11/6/2018 6h45

All are fine, but 3 is the best.

wantaplay8 65H
3742 messages
11/6/2018 7h20

I am in the minority LOL, For me, which photo was the hottest was a toss up between 2 and 5, I went with 5 because that exposure was a dropped panties on purpose! I do like 3 also.

janrobaz 32H/31F  
75 messages
11/6/2018 8h34

Number three got me jerking off.

salmel02 51H/46F  
861 messages
11/6/2018 11h42

NO. 5 got me hard.

Sweetdaleman 48H
41 messages
11/6/2018 14h36

I like number 1 as well.

Leegs2012 45H
30636 messages
11/6/2018 16h42

I love them all!!

bulehyatt 59H
1591 messages
11/6/2018 21h46

I'm not fussy about the grooming choices of my female friends . . . shaved or waxed is fine; neatly trimmed is nice; and the full au naturelle look is also lovely.

But I do have a personal preference for the full-bush look - perhaps due to early sexual-imprinting. When I first became sexually active in my teens, the only shaving done by women was around their bikini lines. A full bush was the norm even for the pin-up models in Playboy or Penthouse magazines in those days.

So I voted number-5 as most aesthetically pleasing. A bush from a full-frontal view just LOOKS sexier to me. Not that there's anything wrong with pussies #1 thru #4 though.

shyhrny 41H
32 messages
11/6/2018 21h52

5 for sure...

allnitelong2063 54H
75 messages
12/6/2018 11h32

#1 got my vote!! All look good

starkenore 45H/43F  
632 messages
13/6/2018 7h16

like number 5 a lot. All are hot looking.

agilelips 62H
20 messages
13/6/2018 7h46

All are delightful but no. 1 grabbed my attention. Perfect

Milon2050 22H
13 messages
14/6/2018 3h56

nice looking up skirt

1025mws 54H
587 messages
14/6/2018 18h51

I voted for number1, But I like all five of them lovely pussy shots..

Hps1230 36H
39 messages
15/6/2018 6h01

I like number 2

Hrdron10 41H
2 messages
17/6/2018 21h04

i like #2 because it looks like she flashed in a public place

mdkh6 32H
22 messages
18/6/2018 22h38

nothing wrong with any of them

JeffXcitedNow 63H
106 messages
18/6/2018 23h37

thanx for for poll For me it's definitely the girl's call, but luv 2 discuss with her.....In this instance No 1 covers (or uncovers) all the bases.......a hot tushie n a sexy clitty .....luv to be in everywhere....{=}{=}
Thnx again JeffX

TrueMagnum69 34H  
6 messages
21/6/2018 12h27

Number 2

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