Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)

Hello everyone and welcome ! This group was created to provide a friendly and sexy room for members of all ages to chat, laugh, make new friends, and indulge in hot play!!

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We ask all members to be aware of and comply with all Terms of Use. These rules include; NO exchanging personal info including phone numbers, email addresses, or IM in the chat area or discussion board and play.Violators will be banned immediately!

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Cams are welcome but please do not advertise it. Repeated requests for views are disruptive and will result in your membership being terminated. Do NOT enter this room spamming!! DO NOT walk in and say *HARDCOCK ON CAM* or anything along those lines!!!! ROOM TROLLS WILL BE BANNED!!
In addition, any member pulling members from this room to other rooms, and/or mentioning other groups, rooms, topical, or regional groups by name will be banned immediately. If you want to go private, please use IM. This is an ENGLISH speaking room!
Threesomes are welcome here; however, those who engage in hardcore BDSM, gangbangs, or any violent scenes will be banned. Grey boxing is a violation of room rules, and not allowed!!

Please treat one another with respect. If someone is chatting with another, please don't interrupt!! If folks are in a scene, only join in when invited!! Treat the mods with respect!!

Thanks for stopping by the friendliest room on the site!
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