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Premier Westside Playmates

I would like to start this group for beautiful athletic people. Only beautiful, educated and playful people will be invited to join us. Straight single men and women, couples and bisexuals are all asked to participate in friendship, business networking, and playfulness. All boundaries are respected and discretion will be top notch. Parties can include lingerie parties, which we will call pajama parties, we'll have wine parties where each couple or individual can bring their favorite bottle of wine and we can taste test them and compare and find new wines to pleasure out palets. Singles can find true love and couples can expand their horizons, bi-curious men and women can test the waters and find their true passions. We can put together ski & snowboard weekends, boating trips, watersports, private parties, weekend getaways, golf, you name it we can do it. Come on, join us, it'll be fun!

Le(s) sujet (s): Conseil, Sexe anal, Bière & Vin, Bisexuels, Villes & Voisinages, Cunnilingus, Conversation Cochonne, Education/Ecoles/Anciens élèves, Divertissement, Art érotique, Fiction érotique, Exhibitionnisme, Fellation, Flirter, Jeux, Gouvernement & Politique, Orgies / Partouze, Bain chaud, Lingerie, Couples mariés, Argent, Musique, Relations Ouvertes, Autre, Polyamour, Fêtes privées, Loisirs & Sports, Sexe prot間, Jouets et accessoires sexuels, M閘angisme (l間er), Fessée, Clubs Mélangisme, Conventions pour Mélangistes, Mélangisme, Echanger, ménage à trois, Voyage, Voyeurisme, Sports Nautiques, Bien doté
Restrictions: homme, femme ou couple (homme/femme) entre 21 et 40 seeking homme, femme ou couple (homme/femme)
rm_randygirl4u 39F
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PublicationAuteurVisitesCommentairesDernier Commentaire
64  0  16/2/2007
Looking for new Females...
36  0  8/3/2006
interested in some of the members
119  1  31/12/2005
Join Us, It'll be fun!
931  2  17/9/2005
Sounds like a fun group
179  0  27/1/2005[View All]

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