SubmissiveSon3 39 / H
"Take My Ass....Make it Yours! Own Me!"
San Diego, Californie, États-Unis
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SubmissiveSon3 39/H
San Diego, California
Who's going to fuck me tonight? Or let me fuck him or her? Or both? You must host or we get a room. Hit me up! Kisses!
Hi, thank you for viewing my profile. Allow me to introduce myself. On here I call myself "SubmissiveSon3," but you can call me Chrissy. I call myself "SubmissiveSon3" because I like being the younger, submissive boy in a secret sexual affair with an older man, 55 or older, that will pamper me with gifts and make me feel special. In return, I have been told I am very fun and sexually pleasing. I am 39-years-old, but I feel and look younger, and I shave parts of my body smooth, including my genitals (for comfort, too), though if you like hairy men and pubic hair, I can grow it back and I am naturally a bear. I am all-STD free with the test result to prove it.

I am not used to being with just one guy though; I am a slut, a whore, I sleep around alot, and have satisfied many men, many who come back for more. So you must not be looking for a monogamous relationship with me or be very jealous. However, if I find that special someone, who knows? Maybe I'll settle down. But i really enjoy being thought of as just a sex object to be used and passed around like so much meat. I say I want a "secret affair," because I am not "out" and never plan to be. I fantasize about having a lover, someone who has a crush on or obsession with me, who stalks me, and doesn't take no for an answer. Someone who will shower me with gifts, like cards, flowers and . But it is really the thought that counts. Though I also fantasize about making as a male whore, and I am popular, but that is just a fantasy??....

What I want is an older, hairy guy (55 and up) grab me, force me on to the bed or forcefully bend me over it, then pull down my pants, tear or rip off my undies, and thrust his huge, long throbbing cock into my ass crack as hard and as powerful as possible, while also spanking my buttcheeks. Then keep thrusting, in and out, wriggling it around at times and hitting my p-spot making me cum, until his dick explodes and spray his man juice, his sperm, his DNA all over my insides. He should be nice and reach around and grope my cock until I also cum. When done, I need a kiss on the back of my neck and a nibble on my ears

By the way, I am bisexual and also like girls. I can be the sex slave to a Dominatrix, the younger lover to a Cougar, or I can be a "normal" straight, top alpha male in a relationship with a female of whatever age.

I would love for a woman, older or not, make me her plaything. She can push me back onto the bed, jump on top of me and sit on my huge, throbbing cock cowgirl-style then start jumping up and down, making her pussy thrust up and down, off and on my cock, until I either cum or get into it so much that I turn her around, throw her onto the bed, and start plowing her, hitting her g-spot, making her scream and moan, until she has an orgasm and I cum in her.

My Gold Membership is over. To contact me you can IM me, or comment on one of pixies, videos or blog posts where I can reply. You can sext me at fivesixtwo 7two6 8threetwosix. And look up my other blog bicurioussd. hotviber. com or just search Google for "Adventures of a Bi Male Slut." And please tip me, give me gifts, and friend request me. Thanks! Love you! Kisses! {=} >>!
-{=} Chrissy, "SubmissiveSon3"

Ma personne idéale : When it comes to guys, I like men older than me and I'm 39, so I like men 55 and up. I can always be friends with guys my age and younger and play with them here online, but in real life I need older guys. I like masculine, strong, alpha, dominant take-charge men and I prefer hairy ones. I like to rub my hands all over a strong, hairy male chest and play with the hair and feel it against my shaved-smooth boyish skin. I want someone to treat me special, call me cute, sexy names, pester me, want to talk with or be with me often, give me gifts (even just birthday cards or's the thought that counts.) I want a guy to straddle me, be on top of me, fuck my ass, I like having his cum squirt inside me. It is such a special feeling, a feeling of possession, of being owned and conquered to have a guy's sperm, his DNA swimming around inside my body, even if it's only for a while. I am all-STD free and prefer bareback, but if you prefer protection, that's okay.

For girls, I am not picky: any age and any size or look is okay. I can be the slave to a dominatrix, or the younger lover to a Cougar, or even just a straight, "normal" alpha man for a lady who is looking for someone who will treat her right.

My Gold Membership is over. To contact me you can IM me, or comment on one of pixies, videos or blog posts where I can reply. You can sext me at fivesix2-7twosix-83twosix, text only, and look up my other blog bicurioussd. hotviber. com or just search Google for "Adventures of a Bi Male Slut." And please tip me, give me gifts, and friend request me. Thanks! Love you! Kisses! {=} >>!
-{=} Chrissy, "SubmissiveSon3"

Quel est l'endroit qui vous fait fantasmer pour une rencontre sexuelle ?:
Un lit

Quels types d'activités sexuelles vous excitent?:
Donner le sexe oral

Quels sont les facteurs importants lorsque vous recherchez un partenaire sexuel ?:
Expérience sexuelle

Avez-vous déjà fait du cybersexe  ?:
J’ai souvent fait du cybersexe.

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  • 39 / homme
  • San Diego, Californie, États-Unis
Orientation sexuelle:
Recherchant:  Hommes, Femmes, Couples (homme/femme), Groupes ou Couples (2 hommes)
Date de naissance: 30 Novembre 1978
Envisage de déménager ?: Peut-être/Oui
État civil: Célibataire
Taille: 6 ft 0 in / 182-185 cm
Corpulence: Mince
Tabac: Je ne fume pas
Alcool: Je bois un peu/quand je sors
Drogues: Je ne me drogue jamais
Éducation: Ne se prononce pas
Origine: Européen/Américain
Religion: Ne se prononce pas
A des enfants ?: Non
Veut des enfants ?: Peut-être
Taille du pénis: Normal/Gros
Circoncis: Ne se prononce pas
Parle: Anglais
Couleur des cheveux: Brun
Longueur des cheveux: Court
Couleur des yeux: Marron
Lunettes ou lentilles de contact: Aucun
Mon Coffret de Trophées: